Recruiting | Quarterback Targets

As we’ve previously mentioned, we have been speaking to various sources trying to determine which direction Texas wants to go with their quarterback recruitment. Normally the answer would seem obvious. Texas has offered a number of quarterbacks so one would assume it would be a first come first serve situation. But, as we’ve already noted, that isn’t the case. In fact our sources have indicated that Texas isn’t ready to take a commitment.

Having said that, we’ve been able to piece some information together and we get the sense that Texas is really focused on four primary targets.

This is no particular order… Casey Thompson, Joey Gatewood, Justin Fields, and Cameron Rising are the guys Tom Herman is currently intent on aligning with Texas. It’s also notable that none of the four reside in the state of Texas.


QB-1A Casey Thompson – He has a good base, good footwork, balance and stride. His arm is good, he’s accurate downfield and throws with good location. Thompson’s edge is his mobility, plus there.

QB-1B Cameron Rising – He also has a good base, footwork, balance, and stride. His arm is good, he’s accurate downfield and throws with good location. His mobility is good, but not great.

QB-2A Joey Gatewood – He’s a big bodied, powerful athlete, good mobility, and difficult to tackle. His arm is good to great, he’s accurate downfield, with a slower release. He’s more raw than above two.

QB-2B Justin Fields – He’s a plus athlete, slower footwork (system?), run-first type, the most explosive of the group. He has a good arm and throws downfield with accuracy. He’s also more raw than first two.

Another offer to keep an eye on is Justin Rogers. Rogers is a 6’3″ plus athlete, fast, and possesses a whip-like arm. He’s accurate with the deep ball and appears to be a fairly raw prospect. However, he has the tools a coach like Tom Herman looks for and has worked with in the past. Could he become more of a priority? Time will tell.


Both Gatewood and Fields are currently committed to other schools and there is no word yet whether they will visit Texas.

Cameron Rising is also committed to another program (OU) but will visit Texas and sources close to him tell me that his final decision will likely come down to OU and Texas. He has a long standing relationship with OU so I’d bet he sticks but he will be in the Houston area all next week visiting his grandfather and will cap the week off with a visit to UT. There is no doubt Texas will get an opportunity to make an impression but Texas fans should temper their expectations.

The most likely guy to end up at Texas is, in my estimation, Casey Thompson. He’s a sharp young man who is accurate with the football, can run and can throw on the run. He just feels like a Herman-type player both from a character and skill set perspective. I’m honestly a bit surprised by Texas’ desire to draw this out. Thompson doesn’t just provide you with a good quarterback prospect (Gabriel seems to feel he’s the best on the board) but he also becomes a regional recruiting representative. Thompson is well connected to guys like Joshua Moore, Jaylen Waddle and other Texas targets.