Class of 2017 Predictions

It’s a quiet time of year in regards to team notes, as most of the players are at home until June 1st when the summer offseason program begins. It will also be around that time when the incoming freshman players start making their way to Austin. Right after NSD I had a similar post where I ranked the recruits in the 2017 class in terms of how I thought their careers at Texas would pan out. In this post I’m just going to talk about if I think each one of them will redshirt in 2017. There are a lot of factors that play into freshman redshirting (injuries to them and others, do they make it in for the first summer session, do they arrive in shape, are they physically ready, etc). Here is my list…

QB Sam Ehlinger: Unless Texas surprisingly lands Malik Zaire or another grad transfer QB, I don’t see Ehlinger redshirting.

RB Toniel Carter: When you look at Texas’ RB depth chart, and the fact that none of them have been able to stay consistently healthy (Look at the Spring game for example). For that reason I believe we’ll see Carter on the field in 2017.

RB Daniel Young: This one will come down to injuries, if Chris Warren stays healthy I don’t think we’ll see Daniel Young in 2017. Though if he goes down, like he has in his first 2 seasons at Texas, Young will be the power RB for Texas. I have previously said he’s the hidden gem in this class. I have a gut feeling we’ll see him play in 2017.

WR Jordan Pouncey: It would take a huge fall camp from Pouncey for him to make a dent in the depth chart. I think he’ll be best suited for a redshirt season.

WR Damion Miller: Has a better shot to play in 2017 than Pouncey IMO, but it might end up just being on special teams. If he comes in this summer in shape I think we’ll see him in 2017.

TE Cade Brewer: This is a tough one to predict, as Brewer only weighed around 220 in HS but has reportedly added 15-20 pounds during the offseason. The addition of grad transfer TE Kendall Moore is someone who will likely start over him on Day 1, but Brewer will be the best pass catcher at TE from the day he steps on campus. And a lot will rely on what happens with this next guy.

TE Reese Leitao: After his recent arrest charge on drug possession have made his chances of even enrolling at Texas bleak. There has been talk that if his felony change is changed to a misdemeanor, there is a chance he’d be given at shot but I’m not sure what the chances are that he even gets that shot.

OT Sam Cosmi: A project OT, played around 6’5-6 260 pounds in HS and will need to add weight. He moves well but a redshirt year to get him closer to 290-300 is what he needs.

OG Derek Kerstetter: A road-grinding OG at the college level, but I don’t think Kerstetter will be needed in 2017. Also that I don’t think the staff wants to throw him into the fire during his freshman year, and I say he’ll redshirt.

DE Taquon Graham: The shape Graham is in when he steps foot in Austin will play the biggest role in his 2017 playing time IMO. There is some depth at DE but if I could definitely see him getting some late game action and playing on special teams in 2017.

DE Max Cummins: A guy who is still learning the game, Cummins is impressive physically but still needs some time to develop as a football player. High upside but think he redshirts in 2017.

DE Jamari Chisholm: Not sure Chisholm makes an impact in 2017, but you don’t bring in JUCO guys to redshirt them.

LB Gary Johnson: Same thing can be said about Johnson where you don’t bring in a JUCO guy to redshirt him. But I expect Johnson to make an impact in 2017, but my expectations for him aren’t as sky high as some others have for him. Somewhat worried about his size.

LB Marqez Bimage: A Malcolm Roach starter kit, I expect to see Bimage see the field on special teams and if there are any blowouts in 2017.

S Montrell Estell: A guy that might not play in 2017 if the staff wants him to bulk up, but Estell is a great athlete. Everyone is talking about Caden Sterns and BJ Foster as the future of the safety positons but don’t forget about Montrell Estell.

CB Josh Thompson: If you asked me there would be a freshman who had a special teams impact like Brandon Jones had in 2016, I’d tell you it would be his former HS teammate Josh Thompson. He’s super athletic and can be a great punt blocker or gunner in 2017.

CB Kobe Boyce: A slender CB. Special teams would be the only place I see him making an impact in 2017 but I think he redshirts so the staff lets him add some much needed weight.

K Joshua Rowland: Will be the starting kicker in 2017, no way he redshirts.


So there are a lot of possibilities with the 2017 class, I have 12 of the 18 seeing the field at one point in 2017. But I could easily see 10 or more of them redshirting in the first year at Texas.