TFB Short | Alignment Departures

You and I follow Texas Football just the same. I’m always happy to hear from fellow fans and peruse your thoughts regarding everything Texas Football. Like many of you, I receive new information via Twitter and today was no different. In scrolling through the timeline, I noticed a bit of concern about recent departure, Erick Fowler. It’s difficult to tell how much impact a loss like this creates. Previous to Fowler, Elliott decided to skip-out on Alignment, what gives, right? Prior to that it was Aucoin, you get the drift. What do you think is happening? Well, I thought I’d provide some thoughts and speculation, why not?

No Patience Tom

My interpretation is that Tom has no patience for players that will not contribute in a ‘meaningful’ way, NOW. I say ‘meaningful’ (quotations) because it could mean many things. A player may not be ready, physically or mentally. A player may not be impacting the depth chart, warranting an honest appraisal of his position in the program. Also, a player may simply not be ‘aligned’, another loaded term. Who knows? With Aucoin, it was disappointing to see a tight end-starved program lose a possible contributing tight end. With Elliott, many are concerned about depth along the defensive line and a young man with the size and quickness of Elliott seems like a ‘no-brainer’. Then, the Fowler news dropped, a once highly coveted recruit ‘stolen’ from LSU’s great 2017 class. They all may have unique reasons for departing. My interpretation is, Tom Herman doesn’t have the patience. I don’t blame him. He knows how college football coaching works, let alone Texas Football head coaching. He knows the time is now. Also, given the lackluster 2017 class, there is ample reason to create more space in 2018 for more elite level prospects.

No Crying Fowler

In Fowler’s case, you may have noticed he didn’t crack the 2-deep on the Spring roster, something a position reassignment may lead to. You may also remember how the staff sold Gary Johnson on the Longhorns Orlando defense. Coming in and playing alongside Malik Jefferson was clear indication that the staff viewed Johnson as an immediate threat to start. That still leaves room for even more attrition, as Johnson’s arrival may push another current player further back on the depth chart. Talk about some new found depth at the linebacker position.

Looking Ahead

That begs the question, who’s next? Herman wants no complacency on his roster going forward. If you’re not competing for a starting job or playing time on the 2-deep, then what are you doing? This is Texas, remember? Sometimes it’s discomforting when you see players you were excited about leaving the program. That said, I can’t say I’m not fine with a more cutthroat approach. Perhaps one day, you’ll again see a Texas roster loaded with an enviable 3-deep along with ridiculous red-shirt talent. Does that sound like something you’d be a fan of or not?