TFB Short | Core Values & Leitao

2017 tight end recruit, Reese Leitao’s charges were reduced. He then plead guilty to a misdemeanor drug possession charge. That is a legal big deal for the young man and his family. What does it mean for Texas, Tom Herman, Core Values, and you know, ‘Alignment’? That’s the question I’ll pose to you. How would you treat a recruit, one who was caught with 20 pills of Xanax and a wad of cash? I’ll be the first to admit, I’m torn. This issue makes me very curious as to exactly how Tom Herman conducts his business of being a head football coach. Also, what would be the punishment for a player already on the team for a similar offense? Is there clear program policy on this issue, for the detail-oriented Tom Herman? Y’all, I’m asking you to please share in the comments, as I’m sure you’re interested in exactly how Tom Herman conducts the business of our beloved program.