TFB Town Hall | May 4th

Welcome to the Texas TFB Town Hall. This is a time where all your questions can be answered! I’ll be around from now until about 8 and at that time I will lock the comments. I’m doing this so anyone who missed the Town Hall and wants to get the scoop on Texas football/recruiting can read through it without the clutter of a normal OP.

I ask that we keep the unneeded comments out of the Town Hall, or some will be deleted, only to make it easier for you all to read through the questions and answers. I think I’m going to start making this a weekly thing on Thursday evenings, or maybe every other week to help bring even more interaction between you guys and myself along with Super K and Gabe who will be here on certain weeks.

Sorry for being an hour and a half late, had some personal stuff pop up that I needed to take care of. Will be around until around 10.