Open Post | Monday, June 26th

– Slot WR Recruiting: The drama continues for Texas at the slot WR position as Trinity (KY) WR Rondale Moore committed to Texas and East Ridge (FL) WR Justin Watkins decommitted from Texas hours later. Neither was a complete surprise, and here is my take on the whole situation and what Texas’ plan could be at the slot moving forward.

Losing Justin Watkins is nowhere near as bad as it could be. In fact, this could end up being better for Texas in the long run. The big three at slot people have been talking about for awhile are Justin Watkins, Rondale Moore, and Jaylen Waddle. My personal rank for them based on what I’ve seen is 1. Waddle 2. Moore 3. Watkins. All three are top 100 players nationally IMO but that’s my personal order of them.

The book is closed on Watkins and Texas. There are still many months left till signing day and Watkins already been committed to LSU, Florida State, and  Texas. Rondale Moore is the guy at slot and they will continue to recruit Jaylen Waddle hard. In fact we are told that Texas discussed their plans of taking Moore with Waddle. They want to ensure that the talent receiver understands he is a priority.

Texas plans to take four WRs in 2018 and I feel good about the Longhorns chances to land Brennan Eagles and Al’Vonte Woodard next month. Tommy Bush and Jaylen Waddle would be the two guys I push for the hardest if I was Texas. Jaquayln Crawford is another name to keep an eye on, but he told me as of last night Oklahoma is the only visit he has set right now and our Oklahoma sources indicate Crawford is OU’s to lose. – (Andrew)

– Trey Dean: One recruit that has flown a bit under the radar recently who has legit interest in Texas is Dutchtown (GA) DB Trey Dean. He was offered by Texas in April and took a visit in June. Texas made the cut in his top ten and he plans to commit on July 31st. I asked him recently if there are any other visits he plans to take before his commitment and he said the only one on schedule right now is Texas on July 14th.

Texas likes Dean at both safety and corner. So, similar to Caden Sterns he could end up at really any of the DB spots. The reason this second visit to Texas is so big for Dean, is that on the first trip he was only accompanied by his sister and her boyfriend who both live in Texas. Dean told me that his Mom, Dad, and both sisters will join him on this second trip. So the whole family will get to see what Texas is all about. The final decision is likely to come down to Texas and the hometown Georgia Bulldogs.

Dean is very very high on Texas and has even told some they lead right now, but I want to see how the visit with his whole family goes before making any predictions. Texas could be getting into some hot water in terms of DB recruiting. If they landed Dean he would be the 4th DB commit (if you count Overshown). Either way the DB room for 2018 would start getting full and I know for a fact schools will be all in guys like D’Shawn Jamison and Jalen Green’s ear about it. In my mind Green and Jamison have to remain the priorities.

As of today we feel very good about Texas’ chances to land Jamison and Green. – (Andrew)