Open Post | Thursday, June 22nd

– Keondre Coburn: One guy I thought that there was a real chance of Texas landing over the weekend was Westfield (TX) DT Keondre Coburn. He visited Texas twice last week and the Longhorns are in a really good spot with the #1 DT in the state of Texas. A big reason is that they can sell early playing time more than just about any school in the region and are using the loss of Jordan Elliott and Marcel Southall to their advantage.

He is very high on Texas A&M, TCU, and Alabama in addition to Texas, but another school that is making a push is Baylor. As the Bears just offered Coburn’s younger brother, so that could make an impact down the line but I’m not sure how big of one. He doesn’t have a firm commitment date as he’ll tell me one time that he plans to have a decision made by the end of the summer, and next tell me he’s going to wait until National Signing Day. – (Andrew)

– Tommy Bush: Texas offered Samuel Clemens (TX) WR Tommy Bush over the weekend, in an interestingly timed offer. It looks like Texas wants to take at least 4 WR’s in 2018, so Bush is an option and if Texas possibly loses Justin Watkins that would open up a spot for sure with Bush. The thing that the Longhorns are going to have to overcome is that they offered Bush so much later than the schools at the Top of his list right now in schools like Texas A&M, Baylor, and Oklahoma.

Bush is interested in Texas though, and his actions speak for that as he visited Austin multiple times when he already had 40+ other offers and didn’t have one from Texas. I spoke to Bush recently and he was impressed with how “the players were so welcoming to me and my family over the weekend, and giving us lots of good information.” He also called HC Tom Herman a “great personality”.

Bush offered us a pretty detailed account of the visit which I’ll share just so the readers can get a sense of how Herman structured the day:

“We started straight out speaking with coach Herman and then we went into the gaming area and then on a tour of the new locker room and other areas, then to the pool where were able to eat at the pool. My parents were invited to go to a couple of lectures about education and life on campus. Then, we hopped back on the bus and headed back home. It was a nice day!”

When I asked if Texas will still be in it for him despite the late offer he told me “They’re impressive, and I’ll take them under consideration no doubt. It’s Texas.”

In terms of decision timeline line and narrowing things down, Bush said, “as far as a final decision I don’t really have a date. If it feels like home and the team has room for me at that time then I will commit. I was to be as sure as I can.” – (Andrew)

More on Tommy Bush: Just to add to what Andrew said, I think Tommy’s last quote is interesting, particularly the part where he says, “and the team has room for me at that time then I will commit”. This is intriguing because I do get the sense that while Tommy was offered by Texas, the staff is in a bit of a holding pattern to see what Eagles and Woodard do. Should Eagles and Woodard commit to Texas then, I’m told, the numbers game will get tight. I’m also under the impression that the staff was transparent with Tommy and his family regarding this matter. I say all that to say, putting that quote within the context I’ve just laid out and it starts to sound very much like Texas is extremely high on Tommy Bush’s list. – (Super K)

Rondale Moore: As I mentioned early in the week, a source on the Texas side tells me that the Rondale Moore visit couldn’t have gone any better. In fact I was told Moore considered committed while on his trip. I caught up with an additional source regarding Moore’s recruitment and once again was met with a lot of optimism. It’s starting to more like “when” and less like “if”. – (Super K)

Cameron Wire: In case you missed it, Texas hosted 2018 OT and LSU commit, Cameron Wire (Gonzales, LA) over the weekend. I’m hoping to have more on Wire in the coming days but did want to mention that I did speak to an initial source who said regarding Wire’s trip, “he definitely had a good time but it’s going to tough for Texas to pull him away from LSU”. That jives with my instinct but again, I’ll reach out to Cameron and someone close to him to see if Tom Herman can once again entice an out of state player to join the RevolUTion. – (Super K)