Open Post | Wednesday, June 28th

With the dead period, things on the recruiting front have slowed down a bit. Texas should be getting some good news in July so this is a bit of a calm before the storm. I figured this would be a good time to talk a bit about the team.

Team Note | The Staff Coaching Style: Tom Herman and his staff are demanding. Herman has publicly stated something to the effect of, we don’t give our love to just anyone but once you’ve earned it it’s permanent. The formulate to earning that love isn’t complicated but it isn’t easy either.

If you talk to sources around the program, especially those who witnessed both this staff and Charlie’s staff, Herman’s guys are tough. They expect excellence down to the details. Not every squat is the same. Not every push up is the same. I’ve actually had conversations with folks who have told me that the level of details extends all the way to exactly how far down a player drops in his squat.

And the staff doesn’t pull punches. They want effort and they expect compliance. From what I gather in speaking to folks in the know, this staff wants to know if you’re willing to let them break you down and trust them to build you back up…bigger, better, strong, faster (for you six million dollar men, they have the technology).

But as we’ve seen with some of the folks who have left the program, not everyone is used to Herman’s style. I’m told there have been some very tense moments inside the locker room. I’m told that there have been other players who considered leaving. This isn’t the first time Herman’s had to deal with this. Getting people to become champions isn’t easy. If it was, someone other than Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State would compete for it.

When Herman was back at Houston, a little known fact is that things weren’t peaches and cream right from the jump. In fact folks I know on the Houston side of things tell me that in the beginning the players almost revolted against Herman and staff. They simply weren’t used to just how demanding and, for lack of a better word, forceful this staff can be. One source described to me the Houston players emotional journey with Herman best saying, “They almost turned against them (Herman and staff) but they looked up and saw that they were winning and all of a sudden their ‘I hate these dudes’ turned into ‘I love these dudes’ because it was working”. – (Super K)

Team Note | DBs: Spoke with a source who had some very good things to say about freshman DB, Josh Thompson. Was told he looks the part of a division 1 athlete and is very comfortable. In fact, the source said he looks as comfortable as just about any other upper classmen.

I’ve also heard that Holton Hill is having a very good summer. He didn’t have the best summer last year and we saw the effects of that on the field (or lack of time on the field) last season. It sounds like the change in staff has served him well. Have heard the usual on Kris Boyd…talented but sometimes overly aggressive.

Also, asked about the progress of Kobe Boyce and it sounds like he was nursing a minor injury so while he was working out, he’s just recently started player led 7v7 so no definitive word yet on how he’s looked.

It does sound like the coaches are hoping the freshman DBs are ready to play and that they won’t hesitate to put them in.

I’ll try have more notes on some of the young guys in the coming days. – (Super K)