TFB Short | Recruiting Turf Wars

You are likely aware of the latest ‘spat’ between LSU and Texas. Somehow, satellite camps Texas planned to participate in were cancelled. My question, how exactly is LSU or Paranoid Ed Orgeron (Hal Mumme’s great!) shutting the camps down? After all, both schools are well-within their rights to participate and ‘protect’. There’s also the Division III program. In this case, Mumme’s Bellhaven University. Why aren’t they allowed to host any other program willing to participate? Don’t get me wrong, I get why programs in small states would want to protect a recruiting advantage. They don’t want out of state programs poaching talent. That’s easy to understand. However, there are hundreds of athletes that benefit from camps and LSU’s answer, well, ‘We offer 4 camps’.

What to do from here is another important question? If I were Herman and it were possible, I’d bar all SEC programs from camping in Texas. Surely, Herman would have an ally here, ahem, Aggies! Let’s shut the whole damn state down, why not? After all, Texas programs host plenty of camps and there are more FBS programs in Texas than in any other state, let alone FCS and lower. If I had any power, I’d play tit-for-tat with the ‘Feaux-rocious’ Tigers and the rest of that swelled up conference, that’s just me. Let me know what you think about the schadenfreude. I would love to read your takes!