Open Post | Wednesday, July 5th

Damion Miller: As we’ve previously mentioned, Texas star WR commit, Damion Miller had not yet made it to campus. I spoke with a source last week who told me that Miller was expected to make to campus for the second summer session. However, I did check today with a source on the Texas side and was told that he is not there yet. So we shall see what comes of this.

Outside of Miller, Jordan Pouncy was the only other receiver Texas signed in the 2017 class. Based on my conversations with folks on the Texas side, I don’t get the sense that Pouncy will be an instant impact guy, especially given the fact that there are some veteran guys on campus. Miller was the guy in this class who really brought exceptional speed to the table. Having seen him live myself, I can say that he is an absolute menace at the tail end of his routes. You think you’ve got him covered and at the last minute he can turn on an extra gear and pull the ball out of the air. – (Super K)

Team Notes | DL/LB: A few quick additional summer notes I want to pass along. Was told that Taquon Graham is already up to around 285 lbs and still moving well. A source also tells me that Max Cummins is “surprisingly athletic”. But so far it sounds like the freshmen defensive linemen are still getting adjusted and I’m told that both Graham and Cummins have looked good but I don’t get the sense either is set to unseat any of the upper classmen. I’m sure we’ll know more once the pads come on next month.

Just to reitterate what Andrew has already said, I also heard that JUCO LB, Gary Johnson is a monster. A source told me that Johnson is, “faster than some of the DBs”. – (Super K)