TFB Timeout | Thrones Talk Episode 3

Wow, great episode, I score it an 8 out of 10! Many elements of the saga are finally coming together and ‘The Queen’s Justice’ does not disappoint. Let’s highlight the episode, just go and rewatch it (lol), because practically each and every scene is important for the future of all the characters, amazing.

First off, how much did you miss Tyrion and Jon shooting the shit? Those two will hopefully have more scenes. As Tyrion’s poor cunning is continually exposed (he’s now out of his league), perhaps Jon’s presence steers House Targaryan into a more scorched earth policy direction. Based on the episode 4 preview, it appears Dany will grow tired of Tyrion’s lack of foresight. That brings me to my next points. Tyrion thinks he knows his sister, but apparently not, she and Qyburn are proving to be more than a match for Dany and Tyrion, sad! For example, Tyrion knows Casterly Rock is of little value, only symbolic, why take it? The only reason, to kill Lannister troops, but even Tyrion admitted they’d lose many Unsullied in return, as they’d be outnumbered, weird. Also, is Varys back to his old tricks, playing both sides? This is the only reason I can imagine Cersei’s army being one step ahead at all turns. What do you think? Then, Melisandre and Varys’ conversation also ends interestingly, as she makes it plainly clear that each will die in the ‘strange country’. What’s with the red priestesses having keen insight on Varys? Is there something more there? Is Varys an undercover red priest?

I was happy Jon didn’t bend the knee and he makes a great point of ending the infighting regarding the iron throne and territories. The ‘meta’ game, if you will, is that Westerosi politics are changing and you’re seeing it in the arguments made between Jon and his family, both his Stark and now his Targaryan family, imagine that! By show’s end, should we expect a more parliamentary system? My guess is yes. The Iron Throne is proving to be overly problematic, especially now that MAD (mutually assured destruction) is on the table. ¬†On another note, Jon’s situation is tough because southerners think he’s crazy. Thanks to his and Tyrion’s understanding of each other, Dany relents on her imposing fealty, a good thing because as you know, her forces are being picked off, one by one. I know I’m all over the place here, but I’m sick and medicated right now, get me Sam Tarly, stat! The grand point is, Dany came unwilling to conquer, preferring consent. This is a move that will quickly place her behind be 8-ball in the game. With her forces depleted, will there be enough to withstand the authoritarian dictatorial threat?

Meanwhile, Euron returns to King’s Landing, to a hero’s welcome. In tow, Ellaria and and hotty, Tyene Sand, along with his niece, Yara, sucks for her, well, them, all. Euron is a bit much, but the old incestual secret doesn’t seem to be a secret at all, though Jaime seems to think it still is. A great line, Euron asks Jaime for bedroom advice, for when he becomes Jaime’s brother, ‘… gentle or rough…’ You heard the rest, pretty great writing there, if you ask me. The fate of Ellaria and Tyene is tragic and that scene is reveting as well. Cersei is incredibly sadistic, would you expect anything less than Ellaria’s penance? What an awful sentence and to make matters worse, Ellaria will still be tortured. I don’t care who you are, if someone murdered your child… We’re all Cersei, just saying. Cersei’s problem is the opposite of Dany’s. She cares little for consent and I suspect that will lead to her undoing, especially now that Euron and an ever-changing Jaime are both in the picture.

On to Winterfell where Sansa is practicing ruling and receives great advice from Littlefinger, though one can never know what is not known, or can they? In comes Based Bran, completely consumed by the 3-Eyed Raven and he immediately blows Sansa’s mind with his recollection of her wedding to Ramsey, creepy. What I like about this is Bran may be able to help Sansa apply Littlefinger’s advice and remember, dude can warg and see what cannot be seen by other mortals. Game of Thrones has increasingly become a game of information (another man motif) and now, Winterfell hosts the 3-Eyed Raven, an incredible weapon in the wars to come, BOOM!

In Oldtown, Sam cured Jorah, is commended and quickly given more boring work. What will happen to Jorah will be interesting and something that will likely benefit Dany and Jon. Also, Sam is now a link between Jorah and Jon (both northerners), one that may strengthen their relationship. Also, Jorah is a great talent in the field, one Dany could use. He knows the territory and will ferociously defend Dany, all positives for his redemptive story arc. We’ll keep an eye on that.

Lastly, the Casterly Rock trap, the sack of House Tyrell, and Olenna’s revelations to Jaime were all great. Again, Qyburn and Cersei remain one step ahead, why? Well, for starters, they need money. Only the Tyrells have it and after Euron wrecked Dany’s fleet, it left House Tyrell vulnerable, not to mention House Tarly’s treachery. Now, the Unsullied are sitting ducks. This will likely force Dany’s hand to unleash the Dothraki and the dragons. It’s about to go down, more down than hot Cersei (lol). Lastly, Olenna and Jaime’s conversation was amazing! I was clamoring at the TV screen, ‘Tell him, tell him!’ Olenna drops the hammer, not only does she and everyone’s mother know about the incest, but she tells Jaime that she’s the one who killed Joffrey. This is HUGE! That’s what I call a wedge driven between Jaime and Cersei. Does he tell her? If he does, Cersei will be furious, as she would likely refuse to believe it. She simply has too much invested in believing Tyrion did it. Jaime, on earth other hand (ha!) has always empathized with his brother and now that he knows for sure that Tyrion didn’t do it, will there be a time in the future where Jaime makes a tough choice? I think so. There is a lot to unpack, so leave it all in the comments, y’all!