Longhorn Media | Meekins, Warehime, and Mehringer


– When asked about the depth chart for the TE’s he said “Right now Garrett, Cade, Reese, and Kendall are fighting for that backup spot behind Andrew [Beck].”

– When asked about Cade Brewer’s progression he said “He’s doing well. It’s a learning curve with the speed of the game and the bigger opponents. I’m proud of him because of the effort he brings everyday and he’s getting better so he’ll be ok in the long run.

– When talking about what we will see from the TE’s in this offense. “If you ask anyone who has played in our offense they’ll tell you the TE’s are the one’s who tie the whole package together. Having to split out and do things WR’s do. The they also have to come into the box and and do grown man things like OL. We’ve got 4-5 guys that can do that.”

– On Kendall Moore: “He should have an advantage because he’s going into his 5th year of college football. And he’s battling.”

– On Reese Leitao: “With Reese being a two-way player in HS I knew he was going to do really well as far as sinking his hips and using his hands since he was an all state DE as well. So that’s where his strength lies. We need to keep refining his route running skills and ability to play in space.”



– On the OL: “Obviously we’re very solid at LT with Connor. Patrick Vahe has had a very solid camp so far at LG. Good to have Zach Shackelford back in there at center, and he’s growing in that role. Jake McMillon is doing a good job between center and right guard right now. And we’ve really got a right tackle battle going right now between a few guys, and it’s a competition everyday. Besides that it’s just about defining other roles like who is the best fit to be the backup LT and things like that. Patrick Hudson is getting better at RG.”

– On the identity of the OL heading into 2017: “They’re very accountable, hard-nosed, a tight knit group. They do a good job of coaching each other, they’re hard on each other but they encourage each other. They  know it’s not a glorified position.”

– On the RT situation: “We’d love to feel as good about the RT spot as we do about the LT spot. But I feel good about the right side. I love that we have competition at that spot and they’re kinda defining those roes each day as we get closer to day 1.

– On Zach Shackelford at Center:  “He has the ability to play some RG, as well as LG too and so does Jake. We also feel good about Patrick Hudson at RG and Alex Anderson at LG.”

– On Elijah Rodreguez getting starter reps at RT: “All he has done is work since we got here. That kid is as blue collar as they come. Unbelievably versatile, intelligent enough and tough enough to do it.”

– When asked about if Connor Williams looks like a pre-season All-American: “Here’s the thing about Connor, he’s as hard working guy as anyone we have out here. He never takes a lazy rep and he’s hard on himself. He takes more notes than anyone else in the meeting room, and he goes 100% every play.”

– On Patrick Vahe’s changes under the new staff: “He’s changed his body under coach McKnight and he’s a leaner football player right now. He’s stronger right now so he’s more confident in his movements and he he’s harder on himself. He was too top heavy last year but he’s always played the game hard.”



– On the WR group: “We have a lot of depth. Our biggest thing is toughness, which doesn’t always correspond with playing WR. They don’t really have a choice on playing physical and they’re learning from the chaos we create. I don’t think talent is the issue, it’s more of overcoming the mental and physical toughness.”

– On John Burt so far in camp: “John Burt is doing well. He’s got the down the field but he has to continue to improve as we just installed everything. The one’s that will rise are the one’s who know what to do when we get out on the field. He has a chance to be a big down-field threat on the outside. We have to put him in a position to succeed.”

– On Collin Johnson: “My biggest knock on Collin from the Spring was he wasn’t using his 6’6 frame to be physcial enough on the outside. He’s really come on this fall camp and embraced that that challenge. And that’s part of him growing up. He’s a big kid but that doesn’t mean he’s an old kid and we’re asking him to be a grown man.”

– On Jerrod Heard’s transition: “Jerrod Heard gets the passing concepts and spacing more than anyone else because he used to play QB. He knows how to adjust his routes and is a hard-worker. You can tell he’s still learning the position at times but he’s working. He’s got a competition on his hands for that spot.”

– Mehinger called out Jerrod Heard, Collin Johnson, Dorian Leonard, and Reggie Hemphill-Mapps “at times” as guys who are working very hard so far this fall camp.

– On Reggie Hemphill-Mapps: “Reggie has grown up a lot. He has a chance to be a good player, and still has some growing up to do as he enters his first season. Still makes young guy mistakes, but once those get cleaned up he can be an impact player someday.”

– On Lorenzo Joe: “Loves the game, can play and knows all the WR positions. A coaches kid who will find the field because he works so hard.”

– On Devin Duvernay: “Devin is playing well. We all know he’s fast but the challenge for him is can he be a complete player not just a straight line player. He has very natural hands, so he’s been doing well. And we’re going to find out a lot more about these guys real soon.”