Open Post | Wednesday, August 9th

Jaylen Waddle: Jaylen Waddle is the best wide receiver in Texas. Having seen Waddle on multiple occasions, I feel pretty confident saying he’s going to be a serious problem at the next level. You rarely take a receiver over a good linemen, but Waddle is that rare exception…at least he would be for me.

I spoke with folks around Waddle to get a sense of where things are and when a decision could come. I’m told that in terms of a timeline, Waddle is eyeing the middle of the season; possibly a mid-October commitment.

I’m told that Alabama has made a significant move forward in his recruitment. In fact one source said that if Waddle had to decide today, Alabama would be the pick. But he isn’t deciding today and Texas is still very much in the picture for Waddle.

My sense is that whether Waddle ends up at Texas, FSU, Alabama, TAMU will depend a lot on the qb production and the season. I think schools like FSU, Alabam and TAMU will be shown less leniency though, simply because he didn’t grow up a fan of those programs. He grew up a fan of Texas. – (Super K)

– Israel Antwine: Recent Texas DT offer, Israel Antwine (OKC) is still working through his list of offers after decommitting from Ole Miss.

Antwine says he’d still like to make a new commitment sometime before the start of the fall season. He isn’t ready to divulge which schools he’s seriously considering saying, “I’m still narrowing it down and waiting on some things to finalize”. But, I think it’s safe to say that if spots are available, TCU, Texas and Oklahoma State are in the mix.

I’ve spoken to Antwine’s coach and he tells me that Oklahoma has been in regular communication with Antwine as well but have yet to pull the trigger. My guess is that both Oklahoma and Texas are waiting to get a better sense of what Bobby Tre Brown is going to do. – (Super K)

Mustapha Muhammad: With the recent commitments of JUCO TE, Dominick Anderson and Malcolm Epps, the first question many are asking is, will Texas still take Muhammad? I checked with a source on the Texas side and was told that Texas will absolutely take Muhammad, “you always take a player like that…great player, great young man”. – (Super K)

Team Note | Team Wins: Everyone is speculating on how many games this Texas team will win. I’ve personally changed my mind about this team’s ceiling on multiple occasions. We all have our opinions. But how about the guys who are closest to the team? How many wins does this Texas staff think they will win this year?

Ask anyone on the staff how many games they will win and without hesitation they will say, “10”. I’ve been told that by so many people coming from so many directions that it’s safe to say that’s the staff’s target for this season.

When Herman came in offering out of state studs, I thought, this guy knows where he wants to be and with that mentality he will get there…in a year or two. But he got there…immediately.

When I first heard that Herman believes he will win “10 games”, I thought, with that mentality Herman will get there…in a year or two. But it seems, once again, he plans on getting where he wants to go…immediately. – (Super K)