Open Post | Weekend, August 11th-13th

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Team Notes | Quick Hitters: Who doesn’t love team notes?

*First, let’s talk about the defensive line. The first group is established with Poona Ford in the middle along with Malcolm Roach and Chris Nelson playing the 4i techniques. After that, Charles Omenihu seems to be a solid number two in the rotation at the 4i. The guys competing for spots across the line in that rotation are freshman Taquon Graham, Gerald Wilbon (nose…of course) and Chris Daniels. I’m told Daniels has surged the past week and is taking reps as the back up NG and some reps at the 4i.

*Spoke to a source about Shane Buechele and it seems that some of the confidence this Texas staff has in their ability to win 10 games this season comes from their confidence in Buechele. The staff likes him. One source said, “If Herman can turn Greg Ward into a passer just wait and see what he’s done with Shane”. Source said that Buechele is the most accurate passer Herman has had. Also said, “he can make every single throw”. Many of you will recall that last year we didn’t see Buechele throw over the middle much. I’m told that has changed and you won’t see a guy limited to stop routes and 9s. I’m told this year’s Buechele will show you the post, skinny post, post corner, etc.

*Talked to a source a bit about the weapons Buechele will have and it seems folks on the Texas side feel there are many. The slot position is a ‘go to’ for Herman and the staff is pleased with their options there…

*Was told Duvernay, “doesnt have the wiggle but he finds ways to make plays”.

*We’ve all heard the praise of Reggie Hemphill and we’ve previously noted that the staff likes that he’s got loose hips and knows where to sit down and make himself a target.

*A guy who was mentioned me this week that hadn’t previously heard a ton about is Davion Curtis. A source said, “Davion might be the best route runner on the team. He’s very difficult to stay in front of. He’s quick and fast”. Keep on eye on Curtis. It sounds like he’s surging.

*Also, perhaps hyperbole but one source did say, “If Collin Johnson doesn’t end up being an early draft then I don’t know wide receivers”

*We’ve all heard about freshman CB, Josh Thompson. He’s been in the two-deep rotation and is doing well. I asked about Kobe Boyce and was told that the biggest obstacle for Kobe remains his overall size. He’s a player but needs to continue to add weight. – (Super K)

– Team Notes | Injuries: Tom Herman’s camp and practice is notoriously known for being very physical and injuries always occur. Nothing has changed now that he is at Texas and here are some injuries that have already hampered some guys so far in fall camp.

OL Elijah Rodriguez: High ankle sprain (UT announced last night that he had successful surgery, and no time table for his return)

S Jason Hall: Concussion

DE Malcolm Roach: Toe sprain

RB Kyle Porter: Shoulder sprain

OL Terrell Cuney: Concussion

DE Andrew Fitzgerald: Hyper extended knee

DB John Bonney: Knee

CB Josh Thompson: Lower leg strain – (Andrew)

– Jaylen Waddle: Episcopal (TX) WR Jaylen Waddle plans to announce his final schools soon

We recently reported that Waddle plans to announce his commitment during the season and possibly sometime in mid-October. Right now schools like Texas A&M, Florida State, Alabama, and Oregon are standing out for Waddle. It looked like Texas was out of it until Waddle made it back to Texas a few weeks ago and had a great visit with Tom Herman. Also the fact that Waddle grew up liking Texas could help the Longhorns in the end.

I think Texas A&M leads right now, but if the Aggies struggle in 2017 and the Longhorns win big, he could end up in Austin. Don’t count out Alabama either in this one. Texas WR commit Al’Vonte Woodard has been doing some recruiting of Waddle as well…

– (Andrew)