TFB Short | 2017 Win Total

Yesterday Super K had a note about the mindset of the staff going into the season and that they think they can get to 10 wins in Year 1. While I think that’s too high for 2017 it doesn’t surprise me that he’s aiming high. Here is my win total prediction as I believe we’re less than 25 days from the season beginning.

I’ve said for awhile I see this team winning 7-8 games in 2017. I still feel like that will be the case, but there are multiple things that could change it. The first 7 games of the season will determine everything for Texas IMO. And getting Kansas State, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State in back-to-back-to-back weeks is brutal. Those are my Top 3 teams in the Big 12 and Texas could start out 1-3 in Big 12 play if they drop those three. The good news is that they play KSU and OSU at home. If they can take 1 one of those games that would be good, two or more would be huge if they want to get to the 10-win goal.

I have them beating Maryland and San Jose State to start the year. Losing to USC the following week, and beating Iowa State to start Big 12 play and start the year 3-1. Then the tough stretch hits and I have them winning one of the three vs KSU/OU/OSU. At 4-3 heading into the meat of conference play, and this is where Texas could hit a big run if they stay healthy. They end the season at Baylor, vs TCU, vs Kansas, at West Virginia, and vs Texas Tech. TCU and West Virginia are going to be tough games on the road but I don’t think any of those 5 games are ones I feel Texas can’t win. Like I feel about the USC and Oklahoma game right now.

I have the beating Baylor, Kansas, and Texas Tech to give them 7 wins. And I think they can win one of the two vs TCU/WVU to finish them out at 8-4. Now I bet that would be a disappointment still for some fans, but a chance at 9 wins with a Top 5 recruiting class coming in after Year 1 under Tom Herman would sound like a win to me. It will be interesting to see it play out, like it is every year.