Note on Satellite Camps

As many of you may know, earlier this month an amendment to ban satellite camps (essentially: camps held by 3rd party entities that employ college coaches) was voted on and passed by NCAA conference member representatives.

Ealier today, the NCAA counsel, however, voted not to ratify the amendment. As such, the satellite camps will continue.

The question many folks are asking is whether or not Texas will be involved in these types of camps.

Despite what was publicly stated by the staff, I can tell you that last year there was actually a plan in place to hold satellite camps. Coach Strong intended to hold two camps in Dallas, one in Houston, one in Miami and a possible one in New Orleans. However, some folks in the administration prohibited the move (as a side note, I was told that the previous AD was supportive of it but the block came from elsewhere).

This year, prior to the initial ban I had been told that Texas would hold satellite camps around the state of Texas. I had not heard, one way or another, whether there was a plan to go outside the state.

With the ban being lifted today, we cannot say for certain if the original plan to hold camps around the state is still in place. However, we are checking on it.