Quarterback Note from Scrimmage (UPDATED Sat., 4:54 pm)

We’re working to get some additional notes from today’s scrimmage but we wanted to pass along some information on a topic everyone is eager to hear about…the quarterbacks.

– I was told that Buechele took the first snaps of the day. I was told he came out fired up and with a lot of energy and got the other guys around him excited and ready to march down the field. Contrast that with Swoopes who I’m told was a little more low-key in his mannerism.

– I was told that the number of reps was determined by the quarterback’s performance. If you sustained the drive you kept taking reps. If the drive stalled, you were replaced.

– I was told that Buechele successfully sustained more drives and a as a result had more first team reps than Swoopes. Though I was told that Swoopes was able to sustain drives better than he has in the past. Again, sounds like much of what we’ve been hearing which is Buechele was, at least in the opinion of this particular source, the better quarterback but Swoopes has clearly gotten better himself.

– Also, source noted that Kai Locksley received some second team reps.

UPDATE (Sat., 4:54 pm): Andrew is out of the pocket at the moment but he did get a chance to chat with another person who was at the scrimmage who corroborated what I had heard about Buechele’s performance. From Andrew, “Was told Shane sustained more drives than Swoopes. Less three and outs”. Also I am aware that Strong said Swoopes took the very first series snaps. We will try to get an additional confirmation on what I had been told regarding Buechele taking the very first series┬ásnaps. Either way it, from what we have heard it seems pretty clear that Buechele had the better day. – (Super K)

If we get anymore we’ll add it to this post.