TFB Timeout | Thrones Talk, Season Finale

What a season! It finishes just in time for your favorite part of the year, college football season. Thanks, HBO! What did you think? You have to begin during the tense meeting in King’s Landing, so much happening there and amazing the restraint between warring parties. Do you think Dany should have just roasted Cersei’s court? We knew it wasn’t going to happen, but still, it quickly solves the biggest issue in Westeros, unhinged Cersei, who even after seeing the white, remains as cold as ever. Then again, has she gone soft or is she now playing the long game, as her father would have, sneaky wanker. Overall, the meeting went well. That is, until ‘Honest Jon’ opened his big stupid mouth about pledging allegiance to Dany. I suppose there is room for honesty, but c’mon, how stupid can a character get? I’m not sure Jon’s written this way so late in the game by George RR or if the show runners have nothing better, but ‘Dim Jon’. More on Jon later.

How did you like the Clegane Bowl tease? I’m curious if The Hound has seen his brother’s fate in the fire, very cryptic message he shared with big bro up on the stage. The last thing I’ll address about the King’s Landing meeting, ballsy Tyrion. Seriously, how does little man walk with a pair that size? I kid, I kid, anyhow, he condemns himself to meet along with his murderous sister, is he crazy!? They have a riveting and heated discussion about the past, how they arrived at that moment. After offering his usually indulgent sister wine, Tyrion deduced that the b***h is pregnant, whoa! Is she faking it or no? Then again, why has Cersei gone soft? Is it her pregnancy hormones? Or does she simply not care to ensure swift destruction of King’s Landing by collecting Tyrion’s head? Either way, the Cersei-Tyrion seen was riveting! I miss old Tyrion. Also, what long game is Tyrion playing. He’s surely aware that the ‘wheel’ cannot be broken so long as there’s a throne and dueling monarchists. That brings me back to the ‘GoT meta game’. The end game is something more democratic, it has to be and to ensure that, players like Tyrion may be forced to make very difficult decisions in the future. Or, after the Great War, perhaps minds like Tyrion’s will be survuve to piece together a brighter, less bloody future, one that won’t make a great series, ha! Worth mentioning, Euron chunks deuces after seeing the white. Of course, you later learn why, a ‘golden’ opportunity. Meanwhile, Jon and Dany talk about children, you know where that’s going.

After King’s Landing you were treated to a clumsy Lady of Winterfell ‘psyop’ from Littlefinger. I thought the show did a good (not great) job of concealing the Littlefinger plot twist, mainly because Littlefinger’s ‘psyop’ wasn’t very convincing. It made you wonder, was Sansa that dumb still, which I guess was a decent question. Sansa and Littlefinger’s role was taking on more and more of a Sith-like apprenticeship. This led you to maybe believe that Sansa would really turn on Arya. Only, it was my contention last week that Arya’s odd behavior was merely to properly vet Sansa, to make sure of her motives. You had to know, any plot against Arya would have been dead on arrival, due to her training. At least that was one of my working assumptions. What also tipped me off was Bran’s presence at the surprise hearing. As the 3-Eyed Raven, Bran was privy to Littlefinger’s dealings. Surely Bran would not turn on his sister. The Starks are back! It was gratifying watching Littlefinger beg for his life. It was also gratifying that Sansa cemented herself as a legitimate governess. Then, Arya dispatches Littlefinger with the same blade he set up the Lannisters with, just like that, Petyr’s done.

Back to Cersei, the totally thinkable and unthinkable happens. Jaime and Cersei finally have it out! Though Jaime can be a major league douche, there is still some semblance of honor left in his character. After Cersei reveals her treachery, having sent Euron to retrieve the Golden Company, a mercenary force. Jaime is incensed and the spell Cersei’s long had over her brother and lover is finally broken. Perhaps after Brienne, Bronn, and Tyrion have tried to communicate the message to Jaime over so much time, it finally hit him. Especially after seeing the white and understanding the impossible task of winning any war. What I wonder is, whether Jaime alone will be able to scrap together some bannermen. He’ll likely have Bronn on his side and Brienne would likely convince the other allies that he means well. Cersei again opts not to kill another brother. What’s wrong with the black-hearted queen? She just doesn’t seem to care and perhaps expects them to die anyway, fighting the Night King.

The event many fans have been waiting for arrives! Jon’s Bran and Sam parentage reveal occurs like a mystery movie with different sequences piecing together the marriage and consumation of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Furthermore, Jon is not Jon, nor is he a Sand, he’s another, Aegon Targeryan!? What!? Am I the only one that thinks this is strange? Anyhow, how do they let Jon know? Then, will he finally keep a secret (LOL)! You have to wonder what the exploding northerners’ heads will do, after hearing that their king and now queen are Targeryans, wtf!? Will they lose their collective s**t? You’ve seen how flakey the northerners are. Then again, when they see the dragons, they may then just shrug their shoulders. Again, does Jon keep a secret? Does he even tell Dany that she’s his aunt? I mean, they just did the dirty. How do you feel after that. Then again, it is Westeros and perhaps Targeryans are drawn to each other by some sort of magic. One never knows. Either way, the news is destined to be mind-blowing, especially when everyone realizes all the events leading up to this are illegitimate. How will the family and allies view Ned? This is crazy and now, we’re all hanging!

Then, there’s Theon who receives a sort of pep-talk from Jon. Jon seems to give Theon his blessing, at least one that allows him to move on from the incredible guilt and pain caused by his decisions. Jon’s reminder that Theon too was touched by Ned Stark and that it’s a part of him finally helps Theon overcome fear. You saw that as he presses his shipmates to take on the mission to rescue Yara. Then, after being beaten, he gets back up, takes a few knees to the groin only to laugh it off. Theon may have lost his balls, but now his proverbial balls are back! He bludgeons the mutinous shipmate to death and assumes the leadership role necessary for his suicide mission, yikes! Nevertheless, the last encounter Theon and Euron have is likely to be a great one. You just don’t know how it’s all going to work out.

Last but not least, fans got their answer about the white dragon and it’s not good if you’re team living. Tormund and Beric look on as they see the army of the dead approach The Wall. No big deal, ‘We have this wall here.’ Not so fast (Lee Corso voice)! As Tormund and Beric look on they hear shrieking from a distance and holy s**t, it’s the dead dragon, fak!!! Something mentioned last week, I wondered what might change about the dragon. Well, the fire just turned blue, strange, no? The dragon begins making extremely quick work of The Wall at Eastwatch and it looks like both Tormund and Beric are taken down with it. The army of the dead marches on and the Night King rides Dany’s dead dragon, GAME OVER, or is it. Some things to look forward to and questions that remain. I mentioned Bran and Sam’s reveal. Jon is a Targeryan, but still has Stark lineage. What will Bran, Sam, and Jon do with this bit of intel? Also, do Jon and Dany make it back to Winterfell? How might they be received by Sansa and Arya? How will Arya react!? There’s SO MUCH! Where does Jaime go? Does he immediately head north? If he catches up to the Unsullied and Dothraki, how does he evade death? The last thing I’ll bring up, Golden Company. In the books, they are not a big force and in the series those numbers seem doubled, to 20,000. With what you know about the wars to come, that is nothing. Yes, they are good, but only on par with the likes of the Unsullied and Dothraki. At the very least, they may serve purely as a defensive force. How else do they significantly impact the battle space compared to what Cersei already has? She still has Euron, who you imagine feels safe at sea. No one is safe now, keep that in mind. Also, we still don’t know what the Night King wants. Maybe he just wants Bran and the last weirwood tree, who f’n knows! So much mystery remains and there is only one season. How can all the loose ends be tied? Perhaps we’ll never know. Surely I’ve missed something, let me know in the comments.