Open Post | Sunday, September 17th (Correction at 2:22 pm)

Team Notes | Quick Hitters: Nothing earth shattering here but a few bits of sourced information I wanted to pass along.

*I’m told the status of Connor Williams remains unknown. He will have his knee checked. Everyone is hoping it’s at worst a sprained ligament but that won’t be known until a full evaluation on the knee is complete. I’m told to expect that information by tomorrow at the latest.

*Message from Tom Herman to the team after the game is there are no moral victories but he said he was happy to see that the team showed they are willing to fight for each other.

*Two of the offensive coaches got an ear full from coach Herman. I’ll give you one guess who one of those coaches was.

*I am told that Foreman (Correction at 2:22 pm: should say Warren) did get poked in the eye at some point in the game and it continued to bother him which may have partially explained why Texas fans didn’t see him on the field as much as they’d hoped.

*Recruits loved what they saw from Texas. Coaches inboxes are full. – (Super K)