Open Post | Tuesday, September 12th

– Rondale Moore: Texas’ slot WR need in the 2018 class is filled by Trinity (KY) WR Rondale Moore. He’s only 5’8 175 pounds, but he’s also one of the most electrifying players in the nation. But there have been some rumblings about the strength of his Texas commitment, so I talked to some people close to him.

I was told the fact that Texas struggled in week 1 had an impact, but that hasn’t really been the cause of him reconsidering his commitment. The factor that has an impact for a lot of out of state recruits, is weighing on Moore. That factor is the distance to home. Texas is more than a 15 hour drive from his hometown, and the main school that could flip him in Purdue is only three hours away.

Yes, that may be a surprise that Purdue could be the school that pulls him away from Texas, but there’s another factor in play here. Purdue HC Jeff Bhrom was a HS QB legend at Moore’s HS back in the day. So people around the school and the area love Bhrom. Purdue was also the school recruiting Moore the hardest when he made his commitment to Texas.

Obviously winning can help Texas here, but I think getting him on campus again will go a long way in reselling things. – (Andrew)

– Injury Note | Patrick Hudson: Some bad news came down in terms of the depth of the Texas offensive line.

The good news in this situation is that the injury happened this early in the season. And it looks like Hudson will be eligible for a medical redshirt.

– Caden Sterns: Caden Sterns proved yet again that he has a nose for the ball against Lake Travis Friday. Despite the fact that Lake Travis kept the ball out of the air against Caden, when they had no choice Caden showed his freakish athletisicm (Note: that is over the head of Garrett Wilson)

However, Caden did struggle early, getting run over for a touchdown. More explosion through the hips, and lower pad level (two things preached by the Herman staff) would have prevented that.

Caden is very articulate. When I asked him his thought on the Maryland game he said “I just saw a new team. Like I’ve said before, you can’t build Rome in a day. When people expected Tom Herman and that team to go out there and turn on – it doesn’t work like that. It’s a process. Those people who said that they shouldn’t go out there and lose to Maryland – they don’t know football. I saw a good team. They beat themselves. And when they beat themselves Maryland made plays. Maryland is a good squad. It was just blown coverages and missed tackles… Just mental mistakes. It is what it is and when you play good teams like that they’ll make you pay.”

On what he’s looking for in the future for Texas he said “They’re going to get back on track. I expect them to turn it on and everything to start clicking. It was the first game of the season and you can’t base it off that.”

On what he’s looking to work on for himself he said “Just breaking down coverages more. The mental part. Just the confidence and trusting in myself and those around me more. Just learning from my mistakes. I made a big time mistake… I missed the tackle that ended in a touchdown. Just the little things.”

On the message between the commits, it was simple. He said “We’re going to change the program. We’re all down. We’re all still 100% committed. We want to be that class that goes in there and is remembered forever. I feel like we’ll be that class and it just comes with everybody being a leader. And everybody is in this class. Like I said it’s a process and by sometime next year that process will get going. Actually, I believe before that the process will start to get going where they’ll get back on track. I tell it how it is. Don’t worry about it. You can’t really do much about it. It’s not the reason why I committed. It’s not about how many wins. It’s about later on in the future and I’m buying in to everything else they have to do.”

When I asked if there are any more big surprises, Caden Sterns laughed and said “I don’t know. Hopefully we can get Garrett Wilson. Hopefully Cameron Dicker is talking to him about it. I feel like there are a couple more dudes out there. Noah Cain. I really want Dashaun White and I big time want Jonathan McGill.” – (Will)