Open Post | Tuesday, September 26th

Team Note | Chris Daniels Transfer: As most of you know by now, Texas DT, Chris Daniels has elected to transfer.

Daniels will finish out the semester as a student at the University of Texas but will no longer participate in any football activities. With Fowler, Southall, Elliot and now Daniels transferring, I’m sure many of you are asking why.

First, I am told that Daniels was not a guy the staff wanted to lose. There are always a few guys on campus that a staff, in general, wouldn’t mind leaving to open up scholarship spots for guys that they feel can contribute. I’m told that was not the case with Daniels.

It sounds like this was just a case where Daniels felt he did enough to get a few snaps on the field and was instead relegated to non-travel/scout team.

Things can change quickly but based on what we’ve heard there will likely be some additional players looking to transfer at the end of the season.

It’ll be interesting to see now if Texas looks to go after someone in the JUCO ranks. Whether high school or JUCO, I do believe you’ll start to see some additional DT offers go out. – (Super K)

Anthony Cook: This past weekend I had a chance to get out the Delmar stadium and see the host of talent on hand. As K has mentioned, Anthony Cooks is nearing a decision date and is expected to announce in a little over a months time.

I spoke with Cook after the game and it was obvious right away that Texas’ performance against USC caught his attention, “That was a whole different team. That was a whole different team. I loved the defense. They were playing super aggressive. Kinda looking like one of those Alabama or LSU defenses. So, I loved that”.

Moving forward Cook said he’s looking to see, “if that was a fluke or is that really them. Next game I’m looking to see that same energy and that’s same aggressiveness.”

Cook said that the defensive performance was so impressive that it’s beginning to vault Texas ahead of both Ohio State and LSU, “Texas defense, based on the last game, is playing a whole let better than Ohio State’s defense and even LSU’s defense…just basing it on that last game. If Texas keeps doing stuff like that, it’s definitely raising them.”

I don’t want to get ahead of myself but Cook sounds like a guy who is looking for a reason to stay home. I think the Lamar trio will all be taking their talents to Austin. – (Will Baizer)