Week 2 Thoughts | SJSU + Looking at USC

Image via Longhorn Network

It was a much nicer weekend for Texas fans as the Longhorns beat San Jose State 56-0. I wasn’t able to watch the game until Sunday evening. The bottom line was this, Texas looked exactly how they should’ve vs SJSU. They got off to a slow start with true freshman QB Sam Ehlinger. But they turned it up behind RB Chris Warren and a strong performance from the Texas defense.

I’m not going to waste a lot of time talking about the game, as Will’s post game thoughts did a good job of telling the story. Gabe will also likely have some X’s and O’s stuff later on this week.


– My biggest take from the offense was that Chris Warren is this team’s #1 RB. With him being 250 pounds and being a big guy I doubt he’s in the physical shape to get 35 carries every week like D’Onta Foreman did in 2016. But there is no way Texas shouldn’t be able to get Warren 20+ carries each week. Warren finished with 16 carries for 166 yards and 2 TD’s vs SJSU.

– The next major positive for the Texas offense was TE Kendall Moore. He was very good in the run game in an H-Back role and did a great job getting to the second level to help spring some big runs. One thing I noticed a lot of is that Texas went with only having 3 WR’s on the field with Moore and a RB. Even on passes, they were keeping Moore and the RB in the backfield in pretection and only had the 3 WR’s going out of passes. They won’t be able to do that and have success vs USC next week. So we’ll see if they get Moore involved in the pass game some. Another TE to watch is freshman Reese Leitao returns from his 2-game suspension this week. He probably has the best blend of blocking and pass catching ability on this team.

– OL Patrick Hudson went down with a knee injury. But if you want to talk about his raw strength, we saw it when he carried RB Chris Warren 5-yards into the endzone.

– On defense, I really liked what I saw from the 3 LB set of Malik Jefferson, Gary Johnson, and Anthony Wheeler. Naashon Hughes has started the first two games of 2017 but hasn’t made a huge impact. Gary Johnson was around the ball a lot on Saturday, and I think we continue to see him on the field a lot going forward.

– The defensive backs were probably the one position that didn’t have a really solid game on Saturday. Brandon Jones and DeShon Elliott had a few coverage mistakes at times. San Jose State didn’t take advantage, but schools like USC, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State will undoubtedly do so. CB Holton Hill had another TD on a pick-six, but it was thrown right at him.



I’m not going to lie, USC’s 42-24 win vs Stanford was extremely impressive. They put up over 600 yards (just about 300 passing 300 rushing) vs a good defense like Stanford was an eye opener on just how good that Trojans offense is. We all know they have the QB in Sam Darnold. But they might have the most dynamic RB duo I’ve seen in 2017 in Ronald Jones and true freshman Stephen Carr. Both went over 115 yards vs Stanford, and are both game-changing RB’s. Todd Orlando and Tom Herman are known for getting their teams prepared for the big games, and they’ll have their work cut out for them on Saturday in LA.