Open Post | Monday, October 2nd

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– Anthony Cook: The big news coming out of the weekend is Hou. Lamar (TX) CB Anthony Cook coming off his Texas official visit. ICYMI, I reported on Friday after talking to someone close to Cook I was told Texas gained a lot of momentum. I can tell you that the momentum only increased following his Texas visit. He came in with his family and was the only recruit on campus and had the staff’s full attention.

Between breaking down film, going to hangout with the DB’s at Coach Washington’s house, the Texas staff rolled out the red carpet for him. The reason I won’t say Texas is the clear leader for Cook right now is because a lot of his decision on October 30th is going to come down to how Texas plays in the month of October. They host Kansas State this week before facing #3 Oklahoma and #15 Oklahoma State. Those three games are going to make a huge impact in this recruitment.

With Ohio State, I don’t really get the sense that they did anything to hurt themselves in Cook’s recruitment or if Texas has just done a lot to help themselves. I don’t know if the distance to home has become a major factor, but it kinda seems like Cook is looking for a way to pick Texas. Don’t forget LSU is a threat here too, but after losing to Troy over the weekend and the fact that Texas is surging. I’d call this a two-team racing as we enter October. Cook will take his final official visit to LSU on October 14th. – (Andrew)

– Chasen Hines: Some big news that hit last night, and it looked for awhile that some good news could be coming for Texas was with Marshall (TX) LSU DT/OG commit Chasen Hines. Texas offered Hines as a DT on Friday, who was committed to LSU as an offensive guard for a long time. But told me he’d rather play DT at the next level. Texas was selling him on being able to play both sides of the ball, or whichever one he wanted to play. With that in his mind, along with LSU losing to Troy, it looked like Hines was going to re-open his recruitment. Instead he tweeted this.

I was told the LSU staff was talking to Hines for hours on Sunday after they found out about the news with Texas and Hines. The fact they offered him a shot to play DT at LSU, and that his mother has been very pro-LSU throughout his recruitment helped them hold onto Hines.

He’s solid to the Tigers right now, but I will say that I don’t think this is the last time LSU and Texas go at it over Hines. Texas has been working to flip Hines for awhile now. And I’m sure they’re going to use their favorable DT depth chart plus the fact that LSU has 4 DT’s committed if you count Hines. Like I said, I’d bet this isn’t the last chapter in this recruitment. – (Andrew)

– Team Note | Connor Williams: Tom Herman announced some big news in regards to Texas’ All-American LT in Connor Williams.

This is going to be interesting to watch in a few weeks as it sounds like they’ll re-evaluate him in 2 or 3 weeks. He’s going to miss the big stretch of games vs Kansas State, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State at least. But getting him back before the season ends would be huge for Texas. It would also be huge for him if he can come back in 2017 and show the NFL draft shouts that he’s healthy. As he was a projected Top 10 pick in 2018. – (Andrew)

– Tom Herman | Play Calling: Texas HC Tom Herman was asked about play-calling duties. I know that some have been critical of OC Tim Beck and his play calling. Herman said he would feel like “a fish out of water” if he was calling plays because he can’t see the whole field from the sideline like you can from the press box. He said the same thing about him making in-game adjustments with the offense. He said he a lot of it is the information that Beck and Corby Meekins relay to him from the box.

He also mentioned about “going back to the drawing board” with the recent offensive struggles. We’ll see what kind of changes, if any are made on that side of the ball. – (Andrew)

– Depth Chart | Offensive Line: The Texas depth chart heading into Iowa State was released today. I noticed there were some changes made along the offensive line in this tweet via Anwar Richardson of

Last week, Tristen Nickelson and JP Urquidez were listed as the first and second team LT and Denzel Okafor and Derek Kerstetter listed as the first and second team RT. Then in the game we saw Kerstetter starting at RT over Okafor at RT. Now the chart has Nickelson OR Okafor at left tackle. Kerstetter is listed as the starter at RT with JP Urquidez backing him up.

It will be interesting to see if we see any of Okafor at LT. Since Nickelson struggled vs Iowa State – (Andrew)