Quick Hitters | Texas vs Oklahoma State

1. Defense was nails

Texas just held the number 1 and 2 offenses in the nation to 42 points over 9 periods. That can’t be stated enough. Todd Orlando is the real deal and everybody on the defense was on their game except for maybe 1 or two plays. Even Kris Boyd, who’s been having a tough year due to teams targeting him every time they pass, had a solid game getting 13 tackles and 2 PBUs. Mason Rudolph looked shaky and that is due to a game plan where Texas sat back, dared the Cowboys to run, and stopped them. Texas just held the number 1 offense in the nation to 13 points with an overtime.


2. Penalties kill

There are a lot of people upset with the offense, but there were plenty of times that Texas killed drives with dumb penalties or gave up field position on a third down. Texas had 8 penalties for 78 yards and Oklahoma State got their first penalty of the game late in the 4th quarter. That’s going to make it very difficult on your offense.


3. Offense is a problem

This is obvious. You can’t have a team only score 10 points and not win the game. While Tim Beck deserves some blame for this, he is also working with a make shift offensive line, a freshman quarterback, and no run game whatsoever. I can’t stress how difficult it is to get any offense when you cannot get one dimension of your game going. To put it in perspective Chris Warren had 2 run over 10 yards and only had 33 yards gained on 12 runs.


4. Freshman quarterback

That’s what he is. Sam Ehlinger was expecting his man to break up field on the last play and he didn’t. A miscommunication caused the only turnover for the Longhorns quarterback in the game, but the most crucial. Yes he didn’t have a great game before this, but when he’s running for his life all game long your quarterback is going to struggle, even if he’s Colt McCoy.


5. Looking forward

Texas is now 6-1 against the spread. Yes you technically are what your record says you are, but you can still see that this team is a good team just waiting to break out. With 5 games left, I believe each to be winnable (yes, even TCU). There is a road to 7-8 wins. The season isn’t over, no matter how upsetting some of these loses may be.

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