TFB Scope | Warren’s Death & Overtime

And we’re back! I was meaning to get around to the overtime drive. This one was interesting all on its own, though it ended in ruin. I wanted to show you that the staff does indeed try to create opportunities for its best play makers. In overtime, it was Heard’s turn and he did his best to win it. Unfortunately, it’s a team game and you need all 11 guys doing their jobs to succeed. Also, this is the drive that Chris Warren ‘dies’. When you get blown back on a lead block by a lil’ dude, resulting in a quarterback injury, it’s safe to say you belong in the dog house. Will the coaches get through to him, we’ll see. Let’s take a look.

There you have it. The win was served up on a silver platter, multiple times and the Longhorns failed to capitalize. Whether it was missed blocks, dropped passes, dropped ‘picks’, or penalties, Texas just wasn’t going to win this game. After watching it myself, it made me wish I hadn’t, especially after the waste that was the last possession. All that said, Texas has one more good defense on the schedule, TCU. Though you can’t say Baylor will be an easy win, Texas should largely control the action in that contest. Going forward, Texas will need to tighten-up both sides of the ball to make a bowl game. Do you remember what that is? As always, let me know what you think in the comments.