TFB Short | Baylor, Quarterback, & Looking Ahead

Do you have a bubble that needs bursting? You’ve come to the right place. Texas played fairly well on offense Saturday… against the absolute worst defense in the Big 12, congratulations to them. The defense didn’t give up many ‘explosives’, a continual weakness. Baylor’s may not be good on either side of the ball, but this Texas team neutralized every aspect of their game, well done.

Offensive Line – The line is still bad, but it’s nice to get live practice in-season. Not only does Texas need improvement at the tackle positions, especially left, they need it badly at left guard as well. This unit needs to get right quick, the Frogs are next, yikes!

Quarterback – Shane’s completion rate is hard to ignore. It sticks out like a sore thumb on the stats sheets between the quarterbacks. Also, Shane is able to buy time and gain yards on the ground. Lastly, it’s hard to tell from the Baylor game, but he performed at decent levels against Maryland and ISU. What the staff does here interests me. From my point of view, I stick with Shane with the possibility that Sam plays some in certain situations. I prefer the better passer.

Skill Guys – I liked what I saw. All did their part for their teammates and ran hard with the ball. Humphrey is a stud and I’m upgrading freshman Daniel Young’s potential. He appears so natural to me. It looks like Carter will be out next game. Expect to see Young a bit next week as well. If Porter’s back, that’s good too.

Defense – I like to speak about this unit as a whole more than the offense. It’s the nature of the beast. Texas is talented at every level and it shows against bad teams. The front dominated Saturday and that made the linebackers and secondary’s job that much easier. Do this again next week and win a tight game. TCU will not be messing around and you know Gary P. loves him some beating Texas!

Looking Ahead – There are glimpses of high-level execution on the offensive side of the ball. The defense, has been executing well for quite some time, as expected after the Maryland debacle. Up next, TCU, coming off a road loss to current media darling, ISU. This one will be as tough as they come. TCU’s defense is the league’s best, but Texas has seen better on offense. Concerning is the injury to PJ Locke. Orlando will surely be looking for answers from backup Nickel, Antwan Davis. The Frogs’ speed is concerning while their physicality is questionable at times. If Texas receives another gargantuan effort from the defense, they will have a shot at a major upset. Of course much of that will depend on the offense. I’ll leave it at that.