TFB Short | Foreman Twitter Chronicles

Derrick Foreman is not aligned! The father of D’Onta and Armanti Foreman took to Twitter Saturday morning to discuss the Texas offense’s issues, starting with his son’s class of 2014 wide receivers. “Let’s be honest. A lot of the WRs from the 2014 class have been victims of HORRIBLE QB play and offensive playcalling at Texas. Talent is there.” To take you down memory lane, the receivers taken in 2014 include Armanti Foreman, Lorenzo Joe, Dorian Leonard, Garrett Gray, and former QB, Jerrod Heard (one of the HORRIBLE). D you agree with Mr. Foreman here, I leave it to you. What’s agreeable is, there is definitely ‘talent there’. Mr. Foreman went on to state that he felt the 2014 class has been underutilized, he thinks former offensive coordinator, Sterlin Gilbert ‘held back’ Shane (Buechele). He also noted the 2014 receivers were unable to ‘SHINE’ under Shawn Watson, Jay Norvell, and Sterlin Gilbert. He then points to the recent successes of the Texas defense as a counter-example to seemingly show contrast between the two units. Of course, Mr. Foreman’s tweets didn’t sit well with EVERYONE on the Twitter streets. He then asked, “Why does everyone wanna make a story off my tweets? I only state the obvious.” Really, Mr. Foreman, with ‘the talk’ Tom gave when he took over, about alignment’ and the fact there may be some truth to your claims, you wonder why ‘everyone’ wants to make a story or your tweets? Honesty is rare today, even if it’s honesty you don’t like.

Agree or disagree with Mr. Foreman, you appreciate a proud parent taking the new staff to task, at least I do. Mr. Foreman eventually arrived at this suggestion, “Now if you writers wanna make a story off of my last tweets then go right ahead! We CAN’T play OK St, OU, TCU, TTU looking like this offensively”. Aren’t you glad a parent is screaming this, on Twitter, for all Longhorns fans and the coaching staff to see!? He does acknowledge the injuries along the offensive line, but Mr. Foreman doesn’t see that as a deal breaker, should it be? Did Texas not hire Herman because he was a perceived genius (team MENSA)? I mean, if it’s anyone that could ‘make chicken soup out of chicken shit’, it’s gotta be ‘It’s Not Rocket Surgery’ Tom, right? I write about this, not to ‘target’ or make fun of Mr. Foreman. I too have similar concerns about the Texas offense. What I’d add is this. Folks were quick to criticize the offensive efforts under Charlie, warranted. Now, why is it you see a little more excuse-making for Tom, who made a ‘comfort hire’ similar to Charlie did when it came to the offensive side of the ball? Lastly, as Mr. Foreman states, how in the world are you unable to get the receivers open more often. This not only applies to the 2014 class, a talented class, but the more recent signees as well. Lastly, I told Mr. Foreman via twitter I’d write a something about his tweets. I mean, he asked, right? As always, share your thoughts in the comments. This should be fun!