Trench Warfare…Texas Vs. Oklahoma State



So on this play it’s simply the Cowboys outnumbering the Texas Defense playside.  Everyone’s accounted for in the run scheme, and unless somebody can get unblocked the back walks into the endzone untouched.



Anthony Wheeler almost gets there, but it’s too late & the only DB who has a play is PJ Locke.  He’s not gonna be able to square up the runner though since his shoulders are turned.  Really running the ball is more about outnumbering people most of the time than it is being physical, although there’s no substitute for physicality.



After seeing one of his compadres score a td, no doubt this guy think’s he has smooth sailing to the endzone.  The safety is the only guy who’s unblocked and the back is probably thinking they’ll meet outside the hash.



One thing I love about the Texas d line though is they penetrate and they get unblocked.  They completely overwhelm the back just a tick later.  The cutback lanes are accounted for by Malik Jefferson in the middle and Wheeler has it in 4 wheel drive on the backside staying  on his feet.  Nice job forcing the tempo.


Then to make Matters worse, the D takes the ball away.  This is what I love about this Texas team.  Full of guts and changing the game.  Taking the ball away.  Nice job by the defense.



A couple of minutes later, John Burt just straight up trick slapped the cowboy defender who thought he could half-arss it and push em out of bounds.



Seven seconds later Burt is all the way down to the five yard line setting up the first longhorn score of the day.  Really nice gamechanging play by the wideout.



So back to outnumbering people, the center, guard, tackle and tight end plus the back make 5 blockers to the 5 cowboy defenders right of center in the box.  I would prefer to go back left here and pull a guard while bringing your back across to create a plus one, but it’s an even matchup to the right.




The back is going to cut off both Cowboy defenders on this play and Ehlinger followed him up in there for the score.  Really well blocked play and the young guys have done a good job, talking about Kerstetter & Okafor since they’ve been starting.



This is the benefit to having a 230 pound running QB.  He’s able to get up in there and force the issue.  I’m an Ehlinger fan and I think the guys follow him because of his guts and courage.





Year after year it seems like OSU does stuff like this in close games.  If the Horns were able to pounce on this they most likely win the game.  OSU caught a big time break though.




I swear as long as I live I’ll never understand the three man mush rush.  You got an OL just hangin out with nothing to do at the bottom. I’m a firm believer in pressure.  Force the issue and don’t give em time.



Cause ultimately what the heck do you gain?  6 guys deep and still a completion.  If this play and the fumble are different, the game goes a different ways.




This is a case of the Horns outnumbering the Cowboys.  Only One lead blocker vs three free defenders play side.  The horns stuffed this play because they were both physical, and had a big numbers advantage.  What happens if the play goes back left?



This I thought was the play of the game after OSU missed the fieldgoal in regulation.  If Jefferson doesn’t make this play, then it’s a new set of downs and no chance for the missed fieldgoal and a chance to win it in overtime.  Even though Randolph had the edge and only a couple of yards for a first down, Jefferson made a heck of a play to force the kick.



I thought the horns should have won this game.  I wanted to see a Texas Oklahoma Rematch in the big 12 championship game.  Sometimes it just doesn’t go that way though.