Open Post | Weekend, November 17th – 19th (UPDATED 11/17 1PM)

Junior Angilau: It’s no secret Texas needs offensive linemen and they need high level guys who could be ready to play right away. Enter Junior Angilau.

Junior and his mother have visited Texas once before. This morning I confirmed with a source close to Junior that he and his mother will make a return trip to Texas next weekend for the Texas Tech game.

This time though, Angilau will also be joined on his official visit by his father. This will be his father’s first time seeing Austin and UT.

I’m told that the big factor Texas has to be able to overcome is distance from home. So, getting both his parents on campus and ensuring that they are comfortable with Austin being a home away from home is critical. In-state program, Utah, is the biggest threat to Texas though Bama, Washington and USC are all schools I am told could get visits as well. – (Andrew)

Cameron Wire: As many of you know, Texas is very interested in landing 2018 LSU offensive tackle commit, Cameron Wire. Up until recently, Texas’ primary competition for Wire was, not surprisingly, LSU.

However, last weekend, Wire took a spur of the moment official visit to Oklahoma. Wire has a tie to the Sooners in that his former teammate, Adrian Ealy, is currently an offensive tackle at OU.

Given his status as a LSU commit, Wire has been pretty selective with what he says but he did tell me, prior to the OU visit, that Texas was the biggest threat to LSU.

Also, prior to the visit, he said he would visit Texas. That plan is still in place. He let me know this week that he will not make a final decision until he visits Texas.

Wire wants to play early so that could very much give Texas an advantage here. A visit date has not yet been set but I expect it to be either next weekend or the weekend of December 15th. – (Super K)

Terrace Marshall to…the Cowboys…via Texas?: In case you missed it, Marshall tweeted out the following edit from Texas…

Smart marketing by the Texas staff as Marshall’s father has told me that they are a Cowboys family and their dream is that Terrace would have an opportunity to one day play for the Cowboys.

Let me tell y’all again, Texas is a very very real threat in this recruitment. A guy like Marshall changes the offense. Terrace Marshall and Badara Traore might be the most important recruits in the 2018 class. – (Super K)

DaShaun White: I was able to speak with DaShaun White over the phone. Before I get into what was said, I want everyone to take a look at his senior film. This will help you understand, in part, why the battle for White between OU, TAMU and Texas has become so vicious.

On film you’ll see what I’ve seen in person, that he is a truly elite cover LB. You will not find many LBs his size (220+ lbs) that can change direction, drop or anticipate movement like him. But he is far from a finesse guy. He’s very violent and plays with great leverage. There is a play on film where he tackles a guy and appears to be unsure whether the ball carrier went down. He then proceeds to belly to back suplex the player. That is a dang linebacker.

As I noted in a previous post, the visit to Texas went really well. As I suspected, the “things” Texas gave White to think about were related to comparison’s between Texas and OU. You’ll note that most of Texas’ pitch was about trying to pry the TAMU commit away from OU. It’s pretty well known that White is favoring OU and that the lack of instability is going to inevitably cause White to depart from TAMU (more on that later).

“It was a lot of comparison. You know, talking about Texas academics. A lot of side by side comparison as far as their defense and production. It’s stuff I need to research on my own”.

White doesn’t seem phased by a lot of things one might expect an athlete to evaluate, “The city isn’t going to matter. Both Norman and Austin have pros and cons. The wins and losses aren’t a big deal. Both are stable programs right now.” So what does matter? “With OU it’s a vibe…a comfort around the school, the comfort with the fans. I’m comfortable with coach Riley. Coach Riley and I talk every day or every other day. I like coach Herman but I don’t know him as well. Todd Orlando is a beast but the relationships are newer or not as a strong yet.”

Even on his Texas visit, OU was on his mind, “The game (OU vs. TCU) looked live. I kept checking the score like every minute”.

To bottom line this, Texas did a lot but ultimately, I believe White’s relationship with Riley, Kish and the staff may prove too much for Texas to overcome.

Texas has a lot to sell White and they did a good job doing exactly that. But, my read is for Texas to really threaten Oklahoma I believe they’ll need to strengthen those personal ties very quickly and that seems difficult to do with Riley remaining in regular contact with White.

I’ll check in with White today to see how things are sitting after he’s had a few days to think about the visit. – (Super K)

(UPDATE 1:10PM 11/17/2017)

– Three Phases of the Game: Texas lands Grayson Yeager, a nationally ranked 2018 long snapper out of Houston’s Kingwood Park.

Texas now has two special teams players in their 2018 class with Grayson Yeager and the #2 ranked kicker in the country, Cameron Dicker “The Kicker.”

For those special teams fanatics, here is Grayson’s long snapping highlight reel.