Press Conference Highlights | Tom Herman Post-WVU

– LG Patrick Vahe has a second degree MCL sprain, so he will not be playing vs Texas Tech. They hope to have him back for the bowl game

– DB PJ Locke is most likely done for the season with his ankle

– Tom Herman announced Sam Ehlinger as the starter vs Texas Tech, “It will be similar to last week where we will throw Shane in early, and see who’s moving the ball a little bit better.

– Texas is 1-6 in last 7 Senior nights.

– Texas last won their last 3 games of the regular season in 2009

– Tom Herman said what we’ve been preaching all year long, “Current wins and loses don’t matter to recruits. You’re selling a vision, you’re selling a culture, you’re selling your people, you’re selling your education, you’re selling your school, and I think as evidenced by being one of the better recruiting programs regardless of our record here in the last six months or so.”

– Tom Herman plans to break up the bowl practice into three phases. Phase 1 will be developmental. It’ll be a lot of individual work outs, scrimmaging, and work outs. It’ll be more individual and work out since the team is not very deep and coaches will be out on the road recruiting. Phase 2 will be more game prep, and phase 3 will be like a normal game week.

– Tom Herman talked about the new redshirt rule being proposed where players could play in 4 games and still retain their redshirt status. Says Andrew Beck is currently practicing with the team, but not playing with to reserve him for next year. Mentions Kobe Boyce and Montrell Estell as guys who could help out at CB.

– He looks really excited for Kobe Boyce and I am also very excited for him. I’ve talked to multiple people around him and the program about how well he’s doing. I’ve seen film of him taking picks back to the house on scout team. Kobe Boyce can be a legit player next year, but they’ll do their best to save his redshirt to help him progress even more.

– Tom Herman still calls Michael Dickson “the punter” in good fun because “he only plays 7 or 8 plays a game.” However, he also calls him a “legitimate weapon that helps us win football games.” He calls him, “a great one,” as in one of the greats.

– Tom Herman seems to put a lot of the run game success on a certain left tackle, “We had a guy named Connor Williams make his return to the lineup, and it was pretty evident his impact.” He still wants to develop the guys up front and find a difference maker at tailback.

– Tom Herman was asked about the OPI’s, “It’s interesting… Everybody in this conference runs those plays.” He’s a little bit at a loss for what to say or do with the refs at this point. He had a QC guy look up how many passes they’ve thrown and how many DPI’s they have gotten. Texas this year has thrown 419 passes, which is 6th in the Big 12. Texas has had 2 pass interferences called on opposing defenses. So Texas is getting a DPI called in their favor 1 out of every 210 pass attempts.

– When Tom Herman was asked whether or not he thought it was a good call vs Hager he slyly smiled and stated, “I can’t comment on whether or not I thought it was a good call.” Tom Herman cannot appeal the call, “It is a non-option.”