Press Conference Highlights | Tom Herman Pre-WVU

Injury Updates

– Looks like LT Connor Williams will be playing Saturday. While they haven’t even begun to discuss if he’ll start Tom Herman seems pretty excited for his return. According to Herman his knee isn’t bothering him, but he is having trouble with soreness and getting back into game shape after so many weeks off.

– The staff will keep a close eye on Connor Williams throughout the game: “We’ll monitor him each series and ask him ‘how do you feel?’ If it’s ‘coach, Im getting a little sore,’ it’s okay. We’ll pull him out and rest for a series or two. If he feels good he’s going to play.”

– After suffering a concussion in practice on Tuesday freshman CB Josh Thompson will not be traveling to Morgantown. Tom Herman told us if either of the starting two corners go down, the next man up will be John Bonney.

– ILB Gary Johnson suffered a stinger vs Kansas, but Herman says he expects Johnson to “fully available” after he was clear to and went through full practice today.

– Some questioned where WR Reggie Hemphill-Mapps was vs Kansas. Herman let us know that Reggie dinged up his alreay hurt knee and they just had him return punts to keep him healthy, “because we knew we were going to need him this week.”

Team Notes

– Looks like Herman will test the waters at the QB position before diving right in. They plan to play both QBs early on and evaluate which one they want to stick with for the game: “What we’ve told them, what they’re prepared for is that both of them will play. Play early, probably. We’ll probably get a feel for how each of them is playing and how we have to win the game.”

– Herman says both Zach Shackelford and Terrell Cuney will play vs WVU.

– Texas is currently 111th in the country in field goal percentage. When asked if Texas would ever attempt another field goal this year Herman laughed but responded, “Distance matters.” Mitchell Becker will be the starting kicker for Texas.

– So far this season, Texas is 2-2 in true away games. While this isn’t great, it’s a far cry from the last three seasons where Texas was dead in the water away from DKR. Tom Herman noticed this and stated that, “For whatever reason this team likes road games… they play a little freer, a little looser.”

– The weather in Morgantown on Saturday is supposed to be in the 50s and rainy. Tom Herman doesn’t seem to care. In fact he quoted Flight of the Conchords by saying, “Conditions are perfect!” Told us he’s been having the team play with wet footballs during practice, and that might be the only thing that’s worrisome. Side story: when I played lacrosse, it didn’t matter if there was a foot of snow on the ground, we would always say, “It’s a perfect day for some lacrosse.”

– Wednesday Breckyn Hager called WVU fans “hillbillies.” Tom Herman has a chat with Breckyn and told him that, “If you’re unsure of what something means or its connotation, you probably should not say it,” but also told us they didn’t make a whole big deal out of it.

– Seems like Dana Holgerson also had some fun with Hager’s comment: “Darn right I’m a hillbilly. And I’ve seen a bunch of hillbillies drinking in clear bottles, but I can’t tell you what it is.”