TFB Game Day Open Thread

It’s time! Texas hosts a plucky Jayhawks team looking to repeat, imagine that! This game may not seem big to you, but it means a lot. Some of Texas’ demons are wrapped up in last season’s 6-turnover debacle. It’s up to Texas to put the past behind and completely annihilate the Jayhawks. Some things I’ll be looking for today follow.


Buechele – Shane had a tough Saturday last week against a stingy TCU defense. He’ll have a chance to impress today a regain some confidence in the players around him against the KU defense. Manage the game, protect the ball, make good decisions, and be accurate.

O-Line – Shack is back at center. Expect improvement inside against the KU interior front. Texas should be able to achieve some balance today. You want to see an offensive line create some displacement for the Texas backs.

Aggression – The offense strives too much for efficiency. They will be able to achieve some today, but you rather see a game plan with more focus on attacking the KU defense deep. You must issue a threat and show you’re willing to capitalize on it, to open more up for the rest of the offense.


D-Line – This unit should dominate. Austin should be sack city. That said, expect Meachem to scheme some runs and get the ball out quick with a variety of formations meant to test Texas’ defensive alignments. The D-line dominates and nothing Meachem does will matter.

Corner – Both Davante Davis and Josh Thompson will receive an opportunity to win the field cornerback job. Keep tabs on their play. Surely, Meachem will target the field corner position. I expect good things from both, especially Thompson.

Nickel – You also want to see more good things here. Davis filled in well in Locke’s absence, so much so that the defense didn’t miss Locke. This position always makes me curious, as it is a very important. You need a true multi-tool player here and Texas may have two!

Overall, Texas’ talent should carry the day. Both you and I want to see good execution on both sides and in particular, a more aggressive approach from the Texas offense. The defense will also have an opportunity to completely shut down the Jayhawks offense. As always, let us know what you think in the comments!