TFB Post Game | Quick React

I don’t even know what to say. Kansas is a bad team and Texas managed to make them look, as Herman would put it, serviceable. What most thought would be this team’s second blowout win became a too close for comfort affair. This team seams unable to get over ‘the hump’. The next two weeks will be anxiety-ridden for fans with hopes for this team earning a bowl bid. It won’t be easy. Given the way the Texas offense is playing, there is nothing near certain heading into Morgantown next Saturday, then back to Austin, hosting Texas Tech.


Deep Ball – It all seemed to start well, the deep Post to Lorenzo Joe. Herman-Beck finally attack deep and what do you know, it works! You certainly hope there are more shot plays going forward and no, you don’t need to ‘establish the run’ to do it.

Backs – Both Young and Carter impress me. I like Young’s feel for the position and you cannot deny Carter’s big play potential. Unfortunately, the next point is holding the offense back in a big way because the staff doesn’t seem to know how to decouple the offensive line from getting their best players the ball in space.

O-Line – This unit is bad and it’s not just a talent thing, as the more veteran players also seem to contribute to the perpetual mess. Lo and behold, Shack came into the game and Texas looked good running the ball. Then, he left the game and it was mostly bad again, bust after bust, after bust, sad!

Shane Buechele – You feel a little bad for Shane. Many times, this offense is a disservice to his talent. Being under duress for most of the game against lowly Kansas is despicable. What’s clear, without a run game, the staff seems lost.

Warren – The staff finally moved Chris Warren. They finally feel comfortable with the freshmen backs. This is somewhat a big development, as Warren offers some future versatility at his new position. Only, I can’t say I trust the offensive staff to utilize him or any player in creative ways.

Grade – D


Personnel – You saw a few new faces, Antwuan Davis continued his reign at Nickel, then you saw new field corners, and Jason Hall, who nearly ended KU’s quarterback’s life. It was nice to see Hall again and I’ve wondered why he hasn’t seen the field, even in Dime. A worry is Gary Johnson, you hope he’s ready to go next week, he’s needed.

Hit or Miss – Hall’s big hit sack was mentioned, but Elliott too ‘brought hat’. Big hits are nice and all, but not at the expense of giving up yards on penalties and losing discipline and allowing big plays. KU, the worst offense in the league managed to move the ball well at times against Texas. You wonder how close it would have been had they opted for a more conservative game plan.

D-line – The heart of the team always shows up and plays well. Poona Ford is the most well-rounded player on defense along with Malcolm Roach and Charles Omenihu. Overall this unit can win for you. Their best will be needed in cold Morgantown.

Coverage – This was frustrating at times because Texas managed the interceptions yet were a little ‘off’ at every level at times. I imagine it’s difficult when your offense does little to ‘protect’ your exposure. Then, add in the penalties and new personnel and there’s no wonder why things go sideways sometimes.

Grade – B-

Texas is in another situation where a talented and effective defense will be sacrificed to impatience, a coaching change, attrition, and injuries. Similar happened in 2014, when Texas fielded a championship level defense paired with a Group of Five mid-level offense. In the Big 12, that’s not going to cut it. The staff has done well to engineer close games to give the team chances, but they have failed more often than not. You know the defense is good enough, but will the offense be able to get this team to a bowl game? The answer to that may lie in who’s available next week, the bigger and the uglier the better, if you know what I mean.