Trench Warfare…Texas Vs. Baylor


Better than anyone in the league, Texas does this defensively.  They apply pressure at every point of the defensive play.  Rush up the middle to force a quick throw, take away the hot read underneath & when they drop 7 into coverage, they actually cover.  The pressure is what prevented the Baylor QB from being able to go through his reads and see the back coming open to the bottom.





The pressure again is what drives the whole thing.  It forced a bad throw, which got tipped into the open arms of Deshon Elliot…again.  Man that guy has picked off some passes this year!  Against Oklahoma, Baylor was able to not have pressure, go through the reads and check down to the back, and in this case most likely get a first down.  I love Orlando’s aggressiveness and allowing his guys to get upfield.




Texas has the luxury of having two very very good quarterbacks.  Nickelson let his guy through on this play, but Buechele was already counting on 40 to come unblocked due to being outnumbered that side.  That was a good thing since he was able to feel the pressure early and get ouside the pocket to put the good guys up by 7 more.



Texas ability to have balance has really paid off as the year has worn on.  Getting some stability along the offensive line has helped too.  Basically, Baylor is reading screen out here, since Texas has the numbers to the bottom in trips left.  The safety is sliding out there and at the tip of the arrow, you can see the linebacker coming outside as well.  Against a read option offense it’s not a good idea to blitz a lot.




The area gets vacated I pointed out above, Buechele makes a perfect read as the defensive end crashes, and since the linebacker was moving outside, he cant stop and start quickly enough to account for Buechele in the run game.



I’ve been in those team meetings where defensive coaches say a guy can’t run or doesn’t have a good arm etc.  When they found out Ehlinger was not getting the start, no doubt Baylor had some of that chatter.  I don’t think they believed that he could do something like this.  At any rate, he housed it on em and made em pay for underestimating him.





Defensively the Horns did a great job taking the ball away.  Whether it was big hits, gang tackling or just great coverage, the good guys took care of business on Saturday defensively.  While everyone will say, well it’s only Baylor, you expect to perform like this against them.



I’m not sure if I’ve seen a prettier play design and execution of a play this year.  The fake lead to the left draws the backer with the red arrow down into the box.  This takes a potential would be tackler out of the picture as Shane raises up to throw.  Humphrey has numbers and every defender accounted for as he gets ready to catch and go.



As he does, we see a great seal block to the inside while we’re still stalking the safety up by the 30.  It’s smooth sailing for him to get outside.  The previous fake to the left has drawn every other Baylor defender down to the opposite hash.  This is why play design is so important.



Nice job by Burt getting just enough on the defender to let Humphrey get ready to set up the hurdle.  27 ended up walking him down, but this was great play design, execution and playmaking.




The O line and Carter looked really good on this read option play.  Nobody crashed so Buechele gave it up inside to the Freshman back.  Carter looked really smooth and showed nice vision to get down the hash up in behind some really good blocking.



Carter is one of those guys who looks like he’s not running hard because he’s so smooth.  He weaved in and out of about 3 or 4 defenders on this play to get in the endzone.  As this O line develops and you get some more players, this longhorn offense is going to start clicking.




I absolutely love this formation.  Tight right with an offset I.  This is a 6 man front.  They must’ve been watching that old Tom Cruise movie All the right moves…6-2 stack monster, 6-2 stack monster.  Anyway, It was good to see the line able to handle the numbers up front.  Running the ball is about outnumbering people offensively or defensively.  The horns had 7 blockers against 8 in the box, but you can gain a number here or there if you run away from the strength of the defense.




As Daniel Young got the ball, the push up front allowed to catch the unblocked defenders up in the wash.  Young showed good speed and vision much like Carter getting up in there behind some stout blocking up the middle.



He broke a tackle about 4 yards deep and ended up going down the left stripe to put the Horns up 38-7.  Texas is going to need a really good strong running game this week against TCU.  I’m excited to see what they can do, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the Horns beat em.