Trench Warfare…Texas Vs. West Virginia




Sorry guys, been as sick as I’ve ever been in my life for the past week.  Was huggin’ porcelain for two days and as I was coming out of the woods with that now it feels like I have bronchitis.  I didn’t even want to look at Turkey yesterday and for a former o lineman, that’s sayin a lot.


I was really happy to see Connor Williams back in the lineup.  It’s way more about the Willie’s and the Joe’s than the x’s and the o’s.  X’s and O’s are important, but guys like Connor just upgrade your units.  The o line is lookin sharp here, and Williams is doing well out one on one to the top.  Porter slides over to take the blitzer.




Both Tackles do a nice job running their guys by.  I’d like to see Ehlinger shuffle up a couple of steps into the pocket.  That’s some technique he can learn, but still this was nice protection.




And the result is a long bomb to Reggie.  He did a nice job after the catch on the run.  Early in the year you wouldn’t have seen this after Connor got hurt.





Nice job by the OL squeezing this down keeping all of those dl where they’re supposed to be.  Kendall Moore is one of my favorite players.  The guy is huge, he blocks, and is a smart player.  This is just a nice looking play.  With the safety frozen on the slant, and the linebacker watching Porter, this is a nice catch and run for the TD.





Look at the guys to the top.  They all flop, making the defenders think they were trying to cut block on play away.




A second later it’s a throwback to Sam with a convoy outside.  I’d like to see Shackelford turn around and get number 11.  The trail player ALWAYS makes the play in the screen game.





Cuney has a good angle on #2, and if Shackelford had turned back inside it would have given Sam some room to cut this run back.  Shackelford ends up blocking nobody.  Still a good looking play.





Look at Connor to the top.  This is what he does.  Now to the bottom, is what we’ve seen in his absence this year.  Fortunately Sam is able to let loose and get off a nice pass to Warren.  Warehime has come under a lot of heat for this year, but you have to have the personnel.  With Connor in the game all year, I think Texas is closer to 9-3 or 10-2.  USC 3 points.  OU 5 points.  OSU 3 points.  I gotta think he makes a difference in those games.





I still think they need to give Warren more looks.  Especially in the open field.  Getting him out on secondary players with swing passes etc is a weapon.





Up to this point it looked like to me that this was going to be one of the more dominating performances of the year by the Horns.  This was just a bad decision by Ehlinger to throw it, but it was a worse job by Shackelford getting beat up the middle.





On 1st and goal with a 14 point lead, Sam just has to eat that ball.  You’re still 2nd and goal on the 12 or so with a chance to go up 17-0 or maybe still 21-0.  This let West Virginia back in the game.  Shackelford has to do a better job here, and Ehlinger has to make a better decision with the ball.





This is just a really pretty play.  Connor just takes his guy completely outside while the guard is getting up on the linebacker.





Connor didn’t look pretty on this play but he did his job.  By making that guy go outside of him, it gave Daniel Young that big crease to get into.  Daniel looked really really good on this run and you can see why the coaches are so excited about him.





I would liked to have seen him try to stiffarm the defender and cut it back.  He may not score but he gets down closer to the goal line.  He tries to squeeze down the sideline and gets pushed out.  I’m of the opinion that he may be able to break a tackle and score if he had cut it back a little earlier.





This play is a big reason why I’m a big Kendall Moore fan.  He pulls around and checks two or three players before locking up.  Just a sign of a smart player who doesn’t over extend himself, knows the system and plays smart.



By Staying square to the line of scrimmage and shuffling sideways, Kendall is able to recognize that the block is made on the perimeter.  Now he can move outside to the DB.




Just a savvy play by a savvy player.  Porter now has a lane to get into for the put away score.





Great pass rush by Hager here in a big spot on 4th down.  Hager goes 6’4″ 245, so i’m not sure what the WVA coaches were thinking trying to have a back block him.





Look at Elliott get up and make a play.  That guy is really smart in the secondary, and his length is a problem at the safety position for opposing offenses.  At this point it looks like good night Irene.




But then the Mountaineers just kept coming.  The two db’s here have to sandwich this receiver and play under and over to prevent this throw.  They can’t let him get to the goal post like this.  The Ehlinger pick six and this play were two of the biggest mistakes all day that could have had you at 24-0 at this point at least.





Malcolm Roach!  He looked like a big ol’ cat pawin at his dinner.  Once he got his hand on the West Virginia QB it was over.  Heck of a pass rush by the Sophomore.  At 6’4″ 270, when Yancy gets a hold of him this offseason I expect him to become more of a monster than he already is.





That one hand is plenty for him to hang onto the QB until the cavalry can come.  Nice job to slam the door shut and cause the fumble.




This is just a physical play and not one I’m sure we see without Connor Williams back in the lineup.  On 2nd and goal, the easier play would have been to head back to the right with only one player to read off of, but this is one of those macho dog plays that demoralizes a defense.  Even though you have the defense stacked that way, that’s where we’re coming and you can’t stop us.



I hope the Horns beat Texas Tech like a drum tonight, and I think they will.