Open Post | Monday, December 11th

Casey Thompson: Spoke with Brandon who has covered the recruitment of Texas QB commit, Casey Thompson for quite some time.

Brandon said that sources on the Arkansas side have indicated they are very much interested in Thompson. It sounds like they are hoping for a late flip. Brandon says they are aggressively pursuing Thompson.

Brandon did speak with the father of Casey Thompson and who let him Brandon know that they are solid to Texas. Should anything change, we will try to pass that along. – (Brandon & Super K)

– I spoke with a source on the LSU side and was told that the staff is offering/recruiting new cornerback prospects. I take that as a sign that they don’t feel very good about where things stand with them and Anthony Cook.

As we mentioned earlier in the fall, Ohio State had fallen to the back of the race with Cook.

Not saying it’s a lock but definitely like where Texas is in this one. – (Super K)

Craig Williams Offered: Texas extended an offer to Baylor RB commit Craig Williams this morning. And this is a very interesting recruit.

The #1 thing that comes up with Williams is speed. He runs a legit 10.42 100M and a 21.33 200M, he can fly. Some like him more as a slot WR and others say he’s more of a pass catching RB who can break the big ones. If he plays RB, he’s not a guy I see carrying the load as he’s only 5’9 170 pounds. But he has speed you can’t teach, and that’s what Texas needs.

They brought him in for an unofficial visit late in the regular season and it kinda flew under the radar. We’ll see if he comes in for an official visit over the next few weeks. This is a smart offer by Texas, as Williams is a speed guy that they need. And there’s still a shot current Texas slot WR commit Rondale Moore flips to a school closer to home. And Williams could be a backup option. – (Andrew)

Reese Moore: As you all know, Texas hosted a number of commits over the weekend for official visits.By the sounds of it, it was a very successful weekend for the commits and their families. One guy who was in town that doesn’t get talked about too much is Seminole (TX) OT Reese Moore. I caught up with him to see how the visit went and what his plans are at Texas next year.

The biggest news from Moore was that the plan from the Texas staff to him right now is that he’s expected to redshirt in 2018. That’s not extremley surprsing news, as Moore is 6’6 275-280 right now. So he needs to add some weight to his frame, and he won’t be enrolling early so he’ll be playing for his HS basketball team. Those are some of the main factors in the plan to redshirt him this upcoming season, but obviously plans could change if he comes in and surprises some folks after he enrolls in the summer.

When talking to Moore about the visit he said, “It was amazing! Derek Kerstetter, He was my host and I had a really good time with him, we’re a lot alike and it was fun spending the weekend with him!” He added that it was also a chance to get to know some of the other commits as well.

Moore has no other visits planned as of right now and plans to sign with Texas when the early signing period begins. Moore was also recently bumped up to a 4-star. – (Andrew)

Keondre Coburn: Spoke with a couple sources regarding Keondre Coburn’s recent visit to Texas. As you know, there has been some concern about Coburn starting to look at schools like TCU and TAMU more and more. Here are the notes I was able to pick up…

– Coburn’s tentative plan is to still sign in February however a source close to Coburn tells me that he is a little more unsure about that plan now. In other words, he’s more locked in to Texas. I would wager that he ends up waiting till February, however, if for no other reason than he’s the only really NG that Texas has pursued so I suspect he knows he has the leverage to wait.

– I am told that Coburn will not take any visits until after the dead period. The two main schools he’s looking at outside of Texas are TAMU and TCU. TCU in particular has done a really good job of recruiting him and it sounds like he has a close relationship with TCU dline coach, Zarnell Fitch.

– Coburn has previous ties to the Fisher from FSU. He’s close to Marvin Wilson as well.

– I am told that Coburn had a great time on the visit this weekend but no one could definitely say whether he’d sign on the 20th which again, tells me he likely won’t.

– Having said all of the above, there is still a lot of confidence that whether it’s this month or February, Coburn will end up signing with Texas. The sense I get from those around him is that he simply feels he pulled the trigger too early and didn’t get to take his trips. – (Super K)