Open Post | Monday, December 4th

Trevor Elbert: I spoke with the head coach over at Ventura College who tells me that Texas recently stopped by to see former TX HS standout offensive lineman and former Aggie, Trevor Elbert (Ventura College).

Elbert was expected to have a promising career at TAMU but suffered a shoulder injury and it was believed that the surgery would be “career ending”. That was not the case. Elbert was later cleared by doctors and has been playing left tackle this season at Ventura college.

I’m told he’d like to get back to Texas. He can be on campus in January and this is a guy who could help a school like Texas right away.

I’ll have more notes up from my conversation with his coach later. Also, we are working on getting in touch with Elbert. I’ve reached out to him and am waiting to hear back.

Bottom line here though is Elbert is probably a player Texas needs to offer sooner rather than later. Again, I believe he’d be able to provide Texas the immediate help they need at the left tackle position. – (Super K)

Courtre Alexander:  A new 2018 defensive line name to know is Courtre Alexander (Owasso, OK). Texas is in the process of gathering information about the 6’4 athletic DE/DT. Alexander is a late bloomer but appears to have tremendous upside. He’s already 6’4 260 lbs and can run and change direction in a way you shouldn’t be able to at that size. He looks like a perfect candidate for a 4i technique.

Jaylen Waddle: I am told that coach Tom Herman will do his in-home visit this week with star 2018 WR, Jaylen Waddle. Herman will be in Houston to sit down with Waddle on Wednesday.

The Waddle is deciding where he will take his final official visit and, as you’d imagine, Texas is hoping it will be to Austin. Waddle’s previous relationship with Fisher at FSU helps the Aggies but Waddle grew up a Texas fan and was at one time considered a heavy Texas lean.

We should know a lot more about Texas’ chances after this in-home visit. – (Super K)

– I know some of you asked whether Shea Patterson might be interested in Texas. Brandon has been covering the Ole Miss transfer situation for us. Patterson, like the rest of the Ole Miss transfers, are expected to be immediately eligible to play.

Here are Brandon’s sourced notes:

I spoke with a source close to Shea Patterson. My source tells me that Patterson will visit Michigan this weekend along with Ole Miss wide receiver, Van Jefferson and Ole safety and TX native, Deontay Anderson. Source said regarding interest in Texas that Patterson really hasn’t spoken about Texas much to those around him and that him ending up at Texas is doubtful. Source did not say whether Texas has reached out. If they are going to, I would assume it will happen this week. – (Brandon)