Press Conference Highlights | Chris Del Conte

The house was full for the Chris Del Conte press conference. Every past and present coach was in attendance including Mack Brown. Big time booster and old lettermen were in he folds. Deloss Dodds was there to show his support.

It was a first class crowd for a first class hire in Chris Del Conte


– Chris Del Conte was asked why Texas? He answered without a second thought, “Why did Darrell Royal leave Washington to come here? Think about that. Coach Conradt… Why did they come here? The great Mack Brown?… Karen Aston left UNT. Shaka left. Why? This is the University of Texas. The standard of collegiate athletics starts here. CP helped them every single step of the way. Mike made sure we got right back to it. That’s why you come here. That’s why you come here. Because when you’re at the University of Texas, your opportunity to win a championship is no greater than here. That’s why I’m here.”

– Chris Del Conte on A&M game: “I think we’ll look at that… Rivalries in college athletics are so important.” Right now Chris really can’t comment on the game since he’s been in office for 1 day, but he has certainly been talking with Mack Brown about the game. The one barrier he stated was how far out the schedule has been set (2030)

– Chris Del Conte has said multiple times that the standard has been set and that it is championships. He called Texas a beacon and believes that at the University of Texas the only barrier to success is yourself. He knows what is expected of him.

– Chris Del Conte said the most important thing for him in the immediate future is to meet with the entire staff and student athletes. Then he wants to meet with his “constituents,” to figure out how to improve the student experience. At TCU he was beloved by bothe student and student athletes for his accessibility and understanding. Very much unlike Steve Patterson.

– Chris Del Conte said Tom Herman is, “A tremendous young man. He has great drive. Tom is a student of the game and a student of organizations and culture. I can’t wait to get in here and roll up my sleeves and get to work with him on a daily basis.”

– Del Conte mentioned Shaka Smart a number of times. It seems he knows who he’ll be working with when it comes to building the new basketball arena. Cross your fingers for a field house.

– Del Conte is known for his tremendous ability to fundraise. This is done through his ability to use self-deprecation to make it appear that he is on your level and make him more approachable. He also uses this approach to make it seem as though you are not giving the money to some massive entity. Del Conte said that any possible funding for projects will be made with the vision of president, student athletes, and coaches in mind. This is a similar message he uses on the road.

– Greg Fenves on why Chris Del Conte is now the singular head of the athletic department: “I want to have a clear line for strategic decisions, for communication, and for accountability. I’ve been doing this across the University.” This is why Chris Plonsky now reports to Del Conte.

– Chris Del Conte on view of Texas from afar, “I don’t think anything was broken. Every program goes through rough patches. This program is under the biggest microscope in the country… This place can ride any rocky road… it’s always been the beacon.”

– Chris Del Conte says he loves Gary Patterson but he can’t wait until Saturday’s and then throws up the horns with some spirit fingers. Most wonder if Tom Herman were to fail if GP would be the next man to be called. I believe so, but by that time Gary would be 59 or 60. It’d be a little late and up to him and Del Conte if they wished to really pursue that path.