Press Conference Highlights | NSD #1 Success

From Tom Herman in his press conference today:

– They have room to sign 31 recruits in the 2018 class due to the 9 mid-year signees. They plan on taking somewhere between 26-29. Don’t want to push to 31.

– Herman expects one or two more guys by tonight or midnight on Friday. Those two most likely are OL Mikey Grandy, LB Ayodele Adeoye, or RB Keaontay Ingram.

– He feels there are 2 or 3 left to sign in December’s NSD and then eight-ish left to sign for February’s NSD.

– While he doesn’t want to play OL as true freshmen, Herman feels Rafiti Ghrmai is the most ready to play if need be.

– OL Junior Angilau is undecided on whether he’ll take his LDS mission trip.

– Herman believes that both Cameron Rising and Casey Thompson have the tools to fight for the starting spot. Would like to have depth and seniority in the class, so went after these two guys.

– Herman says recruiting DL this year in state has been difficult. This is due to a lack of elite level talent in state. Is okay with taking 1 or 2 guys this class due to only losing Poona Ford, but believes they will need to knock it out of the park in next year’s deeper DL class.  Herman plans to be more selective with 2019 DL offers next cycle.

– Herman calls OL Reese Moore the steal of the class. Reese has a tremendously high ceiling with his size and athleticism. Herman mentioned him like four times, so I’d say he is excited.

– Sky is the limit for OLB Byron Hobbs, but he needs to put weight on. Herman is excited about his length and what he can grow into.

– Cameron Dicker “The Kicker” and all the corners are expected to play early and play well as soon as they steps on campus.

– On new punter out of Australia, Ryan Bujcevski: “I’ve had a long relationship with those guys down at Pro Kick Australia… When those guys say this guy is the next whatever, you believe them.” Herman stated that you want to keep three or four scholarships allocated to specialists (punter, kicker, swing guy and deep snapper). This doesn’t mean that Michael Dickson has decided to leave.

– Herman emphasized wanting to sign guys from winning teams and that they be the best on that team, “If a kid is good enough physically to play at Texas then we feel he should be the hardest worker and the best leader on his team.” Wants the guys to know how to win. This means a guy like Tyrone Swoopes wouldn’t have gotten a call from Tom Herman.

– Herman told the media, “We’re never going to offer a kid and tell him he can’t say yes. I don’t like that. It diminishes what the word offer means.”

– Texas signed 6 of the top 6 players in Texas and 7 of the top 10. Tom Herman talked about his in-state domination, “I didn’t think we did anything superhuman. I grew up in a world where that’s supposed to happen… This needs to be the new normal.” Attributed the success to building relationships with family.

– Herman called Byron Hobbs’ mother (A.K.A. MuthaHustla on Twitter) the “Queen of Twitter.” On MuthaHustla: “Does it get better than MuthaHustla? She’s the lynchpin in this whole thing. She might be our best recruiter.”

– Herman also thanked BJ Fosters mother and the parents of Malik Jefferson, Connor Williams, and Malcolm Roach’s father  who played a big role in helping this class come together.

– Herman also started off the press conference thanking Texas High School coaches and later thanked the players, “When you talk to players they’re going to tell you the truth… Our players were off the charts in terms of their glowing remarks for our program with these players.”