Coaching Moves | Bryan Carrington and Noel Mazzone

Y’all were wondering what this was about…

Bryan Carrington has been activated as the interim 10th coach. Carrington is an ace recruiter and I haven’t heard a bad word about him from parents, coaches, or players. He is credited with bringing together the current class and making sure that the commits stay/stayed solid. This should help in quite a few recruitments in swaying recruits to Texas as he’s so good that he’s rival signees have even fallen in love with him.

His name was popping up all over the recruiting trail, and now that he’s on it, I expect Texas to really gain some momentum. This was a tremendous move by Tom Herman and should really give Texas a strong finish to the 2018 year.

Per Anwar Richardson, former A&M OC Noel Mazzone has joined Texas as a quality control coach. Herman was interested in Mazzone’s experience with different systems in the past and therefore brought him on board.

We are currently trying to confirm this report with the University, but have heard that it has happened. We do not expect that he will be moved from his role of QC to OC for Texas. This is a perfect hire as he has experience in multiple offenses, can break down film with the best of them, and gives Texas another OC mind for nothing.