Open Post | Weekend, January 12th – 14th

Caden Sterns | Ready for Texas: Over half of the current 21-man recruiting class for Texas was last week at either the Under Armour or Army All-American game. Though I think it’s safe to say that none of them had a better week than Cibolo Steele (TX) S Caden Sterns.

He was at the Army game in San Antonio and had one last shot to play in front of his friends and family in his hometown. He also had two interceptions and won the MVP of the game to cap off an impressive week of practice he had as well. He’ll be in Austin for good on Thursday with the other early enrollees.

One of the things that I’m going to watch for during Spring practice with the early enrollee’s is how Sterns is playing. He played all over the field in HS, at WR, CB, S, and just about any other spot his team needed him at. But most experts really like him at safety at the next level. Well, the Texas staff wants to give him a look at CB when he gets on campus. What do I think of the idea personally? I LOVE Sterns at safety, he has the range, ball skills, and ability/willingness to tackle in the open field that I think fits at safety perfectly. But if you think you can get a 6’1 190 pound DB to become a star CB in the Big 12, he’s going to make a lot of money in the NFL in three years.

I talked to Sterns recently about his thoughts on playing either CB or S. He said “I can play either one, and I prefer to play both honestly not one or the other. I want to be versatile.  Playing CB helps you develop better feet and can help you cover at S and vise versa. Playing S will helps you develop better instincts and improved play recognition.”

I asked if there’s a DB he models his game after and he told me Alabama DB Minkah Fitzpatrick, and the reason? “Versatility, that’s why he’s about to be a first round pick”.

Most of these guys come into the All-Star games looking to have some fun with some great players, have some fun, do some recruiting, and end their HS career on a positive note. But you can’t overlook the fact that there is a lot to learn when you’re around a group of other great players and coaches for a week. I asked Sterns if there was anything in particular that he learned over the week. He told me “That your mentality will take you a long way. And just to always go out and compete, then good things will start to happen.”

Jokingly I asked him if he had to pick one of the other Texas DB signees that he thinks will be a first round pick in 3-4 years, who would it be? He didn’t budge, saying “can’t pick one, all my boys gonna eat”. There’s a sense of loyalty when talking to those guys that’s already formed. And they know the expectations are high, and they hope to tackle it head on. – (Will)

Demarvin Leal: I spoke with 2019 DE/DT, DeMarvin Leal (Converse, TX) this past Sunday. Unfortunately I lost my notes from the conversation but I’ll try to summarize what we talked about based on our conversation.

Let me say first that Leal is a high high priority target for Texas. He did recently narrow things down to a top five which included: Texas, Oklahoma State, TAMU, Clemson and Alabama.

In terms of Alabama and Clemson he said those two schools are in the top five because of their success on defense and the success they’ve had as a programs overall.

Leal tells me that Oklahoma State made the cut because they were the first team to offer him and he has a great relationship with the Pokes defensive line coach, Joe Bob Clements.

Texas and Texas A&M are probably the two teams to watch in this one. Leal said he will visit multiple schools. He said he’d like to visit Alabama, Clemson and even through Oklahoma in the mix despite them not being a school in his top five. But he admitted that Texas and Texas A&M have an advantage due to proximity.

Leal was in attendance at one of the Texas camps this past summer and says he will likely get to one of the jr days. However, he said that he hasn’t yet received an invite to the first jr day.

My Take…

This is the kind of guy Texas has to get. He’s got the frame you want and the athleticism. Alabama and Clemson have enough of these guys. Texas can’t let either one of them steal one from in-state. In talking to Leal, I get the sense that relationships will matter a lot. I know that Texas is behind right now on 2018 and they’re trying to seal the defensive line class up but they can’t let themselves get behind on Leal. I can assure you they are going to get stiff competition with the new Texas A&M defensive line coach, Jerry Montgomery. Texas is the closest program of his top five. You get him on campus every chance you can.

If they put in the work, I like Texas’ chances here.

What You See…

Leal says he’s around 6’5/6’6. He tells me that his father is actually 6’10! He’s already north of 270 lbs. So, when you talk about recruiting body types on the defensive line…this is what you want. Leal says he wants to drop a little weight to be able to play outside the tackle but with his frame, once he’s in a S&C program, it’ll be hard to keep him from tipping the scales at a solid 290 lbs. He comes of the ball well. He bends well. He changes direction well. Again, this is a guy Texas needs to land. – (Super K)

Calvin Anderson | Grad Transfer Left Tackle: I spoke with Rice graduate transfer left tackle, Calvin Anderson. It’s no surprise, there are a number of schools pursuing the talented left tackle. He’s a plug and play guy with NFL draft potential.

In terms of what he’s looking for as he makes a decision about where he will play next year, Anderson says, “Biggest thing I’m considering is what a school can offer in terms of NFL prep. I also want to play against the best talent. Basically, all that pertains to NFL development”.

Anderson tells me that Texas was the first team to reach out after he announced his decision to transfer. He tells me that coach Beck will be in Houston tomorrow to meet Anderson for breakfast. And, coach Warehime will meet Anderson tomorrow for lunch.

Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh will be in Houston to personally see Anderson. The Sooners, Auburn and a number of other schools are sending coaches to Houston to visit with Calvin, as well.

Anderson does have some ties to Texas. He tells me that his step mother received her graduate degree and law degree from the University of Texas. He wasn’t shy about saying that she is rooting for Texas. I do expect Texas to receive one of his five official visits. However, it’s pretty clear that the final decision will be a business one. This was obviously a good year for Texas to have a left tackle projected to be a high draft pick. – (Super K)

Moro Ojomo: Texas DT target, Moro Ojomo released his top group of schools.

Moro will take a official visit to Oklahoma this weekend. The only other two visits he has confirmed though no date is set are Oregon and Texas. He has visited TCU on multiple occasions in the past and they are a school that has been recruiting him for quite a while. He also has the connection with former Katy Tiger defensive lineman, Corey Bethley who is currently a freshman at TCU.

Still trying to get a read on where Texas stands in this recruitment but I sense the biggest threats are coming from OU, TCU, and Oregon. – (Super K)

Kenyatta Watson: In November, Texas offered Grayson (GA) S and then Florida State commit Kenyatta Watson. He told me at the time that he wanted to visit Texas sometime after signing day. Well, Watston decommitted from Florida State on Sunday and has list of visits set up.

He plans to visit Texas in early February. He also has trips planned to Notre Dame, Tennessee, USC, Michigan, and LSU. Watson has over 30 offers, from schools all over the nation. Right now he has kinda hit the reset button on his recruitment but Texas is a school he is extremely interested in. – (Andrew)

Jack Buford: Jack Buford currently holds 15 offers. One of those come from the Longhorns.

The 2019 3-star OT out of Lutheran North in St. Louis (woo!) has outstanding size and strength at 6’5” 290lbs and the frame to hold it well. Jack excels as a run blocker, and I’m sure this prowess comes from Lutheran North’s Wing-T where they ask him to execute many different types of blocks and schemes. That unfortunately means I cannot get a good read on his skill in pass protection; however, pass protection is very doable if you are athletic and have quick feet. Luckily for Jack he’s a pretty athletic guy as he’s also the star of the Lutheran North basketball squad. I wouldn’t be worried with his lack of pass protection film.

As some of y’all know, I was born in St. Louis and went to college up there, so I made a point of  getting to know Jack earlier this week as he was in Texas to participate in the Army All-American combine and watch his teammate Ronnie Perkins play in the Army All-American Bowl.

Texas has been in constant contact with Jack. Bryan Carrington has been the man on this mission as he has helped Texas’ standing with Jack, “Texas is one of the most consistent schools that’s talking to me. You know, it’s all about the relationships you build with the coaches, so it’s up there.”

Bryan has been sending snapchat videos and letting Jack have a sneak peak into the program, “…Like after they Mizzou, they were lit! I was like, Texas is a lit school… It’s little stuff like that and letting me know, ‘the school could use you.’”

Of course, his fellow St. Louisan and Longhorn signee Ayodele Adeoye has been singing the praises of Texas telling Jack that “…you have to take a visit [to Texas], and let me know how it goes because you’re never going to experience anything like Austin, Texas. And a lot of the recruits from Austin have been telling me that Austin is awesome.”

Texas is very much in the hunt for the national prospect along with Oklahoma and Florida. His father played football at Tulsa, so they have connection around Oklahoma and Texas.

Jack Buford plans to make it down to Austin some time in late January to visit the campus and see what all the fuss is about. – (Will Baizer)

Vernon Jackson: Earlier this week I exchanged a few messages with 2018 Alabama commit, Vernon Jackson. Jackson is being recruited to play LB or possibly grow into a defensive lineman.

Jackson let me know that he will take a official visit to Texas this upcoming weekend. – (Super K)

– Am told that Joshua Moore may not be able to make the visit to Texas this weekend, after all. Still waiting for confirmation from Joshua.

– Was able to confirm that Stanford OL Casey Tucker will visit Texas this weekend. To my knowledge it was first reported by Jason Suchomel of