Open Post | Weekend, January 26th – 28th

Tommy Bush: As you all know by now, yesterday, coach Herman and coach Mehringer stopped by to see 2018 WR Tommy Bush (Schertz, TX). I caught up with Bush to see where things are with his recruitment. Andrew mentioned that Tommy was unsure at this point if he would use his final official visit to see Texas once more.

In talking to him, it sounds like he still has yet to make that decision and within the course of our conversation I got a sense of perhaps why that is, “I haven’t made a decision yet. Still don’t know who or if I even want to take it [the visit] at this moment”.

Tommy has seen Texas plenty of times, “over 10” in fact, according to him.

I asked Tommy about Texas’ interest in him and how hard they appear to be pushing for him. He confirmed that Texas is indeed recruiting him hard but added, “Just wish this push would have been consistent throughout the process but I am glad they want me on campus”.

I asked Bush why he feels the push wasn’t consistent, “That’s what’s bothering me about Texas is that they told me that Vonte was about to commit and they wanted one more outside wide receiver and they already had the slot committed in Rondale…hard to figure”

Tommy said that Texas explained to him that at the time, they weren’t aware that they’d be able to take more than twenty five prospects. Whether that put him and his family at ease is something they are working through.

“I still really am unsure but I trust they are telling me the truth. They’ve been pretty good with me through this recruiting process…I think we as a family are good”.

Commitment Timeline…

Tommy says he plans to announce his decision on signing day at 10:30 AM at Samuel Clemens High School in Schertz.


Will has been following Tommy’s recruitment closer than I have so I’ll tread a bit lightly here. But in talking to Tommy and people around the family, I’ve always gotten the sense they like Texas. But the issue of the staff being inconsistently recruiting Tommy seems to be what Texas is having to fight against. Bush said it himself, he’s been to Texas over ten times but as one source said, Texas didn’t visit him much and the family took notice.

Still, I think Herman going to see Tommy went a long way. I don’t think Tommy not taking a visit would be insurmountable. I think it’s more about them having constant contact with him over the next week and a half and assuaging the concerns they have about him being a priority. – (Super K)

Addition from Will…

To add to what K has above, I checked in with Tommy’s father and was told that the visit, “..was great. [Coach Herman] spent close to 3 hours speaking with [our family] about why there was a break in communication, and why they came back so strongly. They told us they didn’t know they could recruit more than 25 this year plus with the other wideouts transferring it opened up a couple more spots.” As K mentioned above there are still some more work to do as Tommy had his doubts, but the staff did a good job at quelling them. Tommy was “…very comfortable and excited that the coaches came by and explained alot of the disconnect. He absolutely loved the 2018 guys as he’s played against Sterns since the 9th grade and has played in numerous events and camps with the other guys as well. He is definitely ready. Texas will just have to really close the deal and sell him on being their guy.” (Will Baizer)

– Texas has been looking for one more linebacker to add to this class. Merlin Robertson out of California had emerged as a 2018 target for Texas. Robertson let us know previously that Texas was in touch with him and his father and that he planned on visiting the Horns. However, I checked with Robertson last night and it would appear Texas has moved on. When I asked if the visit was still a go he said, “I don’t think I’m going to visit. They haven’t been in contact”.

This doesn’t come as a total surprise. We covered Robertson on the Oklahoma side when they were pursuing him and the Sooners also backed off. – (Super K)

– I also checked in with Houston area 2018 LB, Jacoby Simpson. After the dead period was over, coach Orlando dropped by MacArthur to see Simpson. Simpson was recently offered by TCU and took a visit there. He plans to take a visit to Texas Tech this weekend. He tells me that Texas not been in touch lately. So, unless something changes this week, it looks like the Horns have decided not to pursue this avenue.

– I don’t yet know if Texas has identified another linebacker target but earlier this week I was told that the priority right now is finishing off the DL class, getting the slot and beyond that it’s a best available player situation irrespective of position.

– On Monday morning I checked in with a coach over at West Rusk where Texas A&M DE commit, Tyree Wilson goes to school. I was told that Wilson would be visiting Texas this upcoming weekend. Wilson is coming off a Arkansas visit. However, Wednesday, coach confirmed that the visit has been cancelled.

So, as of now it would appear Texas will host only Moro Ojomo and Lawrence Keys this weekend. We will check to see if any new names have come up but the two confirmed visitors are big targets to round out this class. – (Super K)

Then There Were Two: Based on what we continue to hear both Ojomo and Keys are down to two. Ojomo will likely decide between OU and Texas with Texas holding a slight advantage. Keys will likely decide between Notre Dame and Texas. Texas has proximity and Notre Dame has history…they’ve been recruiting him longer.

This weekend will decide Texas’ fate for both. – (TFB)

– Spoke with the father of 2018 WR Joshua Moore. Moore’s father said Joshua “absolutely loved the visit” to Texas. We spoke a bit about Texas coming back into the picture, “When Charlie was there Texas was really in it and then all that changed and we didn’t think he was as interested. It surprised us a bit but they’re back in it now”. Moore’s father added, “They (Texas) been doing visits with him every week”. In terms of remaining visits Moore’s father said, “we kinda let him decide and just tell him to let us know before hand. Florida State and Oregon are two schools [he wants to take official visits to] but it changes”. – (Super K)

Demani Richardson: As we begin to move out of the 2018 class and into the 2019 class, we want to start introducing you to some of Texas’ top targets in this upcoming class. Many of them you’ll already know but this will help you get a sense of where Texas is in their recruitment early on.

In this post we’ll talk a bit about 2019 DB, Demani Richardson out of Waxahachie High School. Richardson plays a number of positions for his high school but projects as a safety. And, despite being a safety he already has the size of a division one recruitable linebacker. In fact, when I spoke to Demani we joked about how he may grow into a linebacker.

But he absolutely has the athleticism to play safety. The reality is, he is just one of those unique players who can run and change direction like a smaller guy…but he ain’t small. Richardson is a guy who can and has covered guys like current TCU wide receiver, Jalen Reagor who is one a former teammate. We all know how well Reagor runs. He’s a difficult enough cover for a college level cornerback.

At a certain point you’re splitting hairs but Richardson is one of the top few safeties in the region in the company of guys like Daxton Hill (Tulsa, OK) and Brian Williams (Bishop Dunne).


Demani tells me his recruitment began last year as a sophomore. Interestingly, his first offer wasn’t an in-state or even regional school. His first offer came from UGA. His first in-state offer came from Baylor.

TCU is a school that is pushing very hard for him. In fact, Richardon’s father says that it’s Gary Patterson who is recruiting him. They will visit TCU this upcoming weekend. They tell me they plan to visit Baylor next weekend.

Texas Enters the Picture…

Richardson is a guy who Texas has had their eye on for a while. He actually attended a couple Texas camps, “I went to two Texas camps. At the camps, the coach was always working with me and wanted me to go and compete with different guys. They showed me a lot of attention. It felt like they were going to offer but I didn’t know know if they would. I waited a while and it never came but then, after the season, they offered”

Richardson’s father told Demani to be patient and, as expected, the offer came…on this past Christmas Eve…

Richardson says in the tweet that Texas is his “childhood dream school”. When I spoke to Demani on the phone he reiterated that, “I grew up liking Texas”. He says he plans to make it down to Austin for the Texas jr day on February 17th. While Richardson says he doesn’t have a current leader, it’s clear that Texas is a priority school and Richardson is a priority prospect for Texas in this upcoming class.

Texas head coach, Tom Herman, visited Richardson yesterday and Richardson’s father said, “Coach Herman saw him and said, ‘Man, I didn’t know this guy was this big and he can move!'” – (Super K)


– Spoke with 2019 WR/DB, Jordan Whittington last night. Whittington is coming off a recent visit to Texas and will visit Texas A&M this upcoming weekend. In terms of his visit to Texas, “you know I’ve been there so many times that it’s not really anything new…it’s more just hanging out”. Whittington said he likes spending time with coach Mehringer and Bryan Carrington. He’s obviously very comfortable at both Texas and Texas A&M. Whittington tells me he is nearing a decision. Look for an announcement in the next month and a half. – (Super K)

Vernon Jackson: Something to keep an eye on here. Alabama is beginning to run out of scholarships and still have a need or two to fill. Have a little more on this over on the donor board (it’s a bit sensitive…better kept on a closed forum) but bottom line is Texas & Texas A&M could be beneficiaries of a number crunch. Should know more after this weekend. – (Super K)

Jeffery Carter: Last night, 2019 DB, Jeffery Carter (Aledo, TX) announced his decommitment from Oklahoma.

After speaking with Jeffery and his father this past weekend, this doesn’t come as a big surprise to me. I included the following note on Jeffery earlier this week in the Wednesday Sooners Open Post.

Caught up with his pops at the event and they were trying to make it to Jr Day yesterday but unfortunately were not able to do so. Instead they are now planning to head up for Jr Day on Feb 17. Texas offered recently and the Sooners will need to make sure they do all they can to keep him secured as a commit moving forward.

Why did I write this? When I spoke with Jeffery last weekend he let me know that his father is a lifelong Longhorn fan.