Open Post | Weekend, January 5th – 7th

Otito Ogbonnia: As you all know, the priority in closing out this recruiting class is defensive lineman. Things are looking good with Daniel Carson and Texas should know it’s fate in a couple weeks.

Another defensive lineman to watch is Otito Ogbonnia out of Katy Taylor High School. Otito, like Ojomo has been picking up a number of offers as of late. Yesterday, he picked up a offer from Tennessee.

Otito tells me that he and coach Giles have been talking, “he (Giles) stated a couple times that they can see me playing there and that they need me there”.

Otito also said there have been discussions about a possible trip to Texas but nothing specific just yet. Texas already has some guys they’ve offered so a offer to Otito will likely depend on how things shake out with guys who they had previously offered. But again, he’s a guy to watch. He had a big senior season and schools are taking notice. – (Super K)

Devin Winters: So I’ve got another 2018 DE/DT name to know. This one is an interesting situation. I spoke with a coach on the staff at McDonogh 35 High School in New Orleans (same school where Lawrence Keys plays) who tells me that Texas has been in touch with them about defensive lineman, Devin Winters. The coach said Winters may end up visiting Texas in January but it doesn’t sound like anything has been officially scheduled.

Now, here’s the interesting part about Winters. He did not play high school football this year. Apparently Winters missed school years ago during Katrina. As such, he has been an academic year behind. So, he had aged up and wasn’t able to play his senior season. He does currently hold some offers including one from Ole Miss and I’m told Florida has reached out.

One of the things you’ll note about teams like Alabama and Georgia is that perhaps before anything else, they recruit body types. They put those big athletic high school defensive lineman through their machine and they pop out looking like monsters that you can’t push on for four quarters. I haven’t seen him in person but on film, he looks the part. Apparently all of 6’4 and 275 lbs. – (Super K)


– I know many of you saw the tweet saying Texas is the “top school” for 2019 RB, Noah Cain. I spoke with Cain and his father earlier this week so I’ll have a full note up on him. But I did ask Cain if he had a clear leader right now and he said that he wouldn’t describe any school as his top school. He said instead, “Texas is a school that I’m becoming real comfortable with”.

I can tell you that I’ve been hearing for a while that Cain believes the depth chart at Texas will be extremely favorable.

– Continue to hear good things for Texas on the Joseph Ossai front. Ossai tells me that he will not make an announcement however, until signing day.

– Spoke with a source close to 2018 WR Lawrence Keys and was told that while the tentative visit schedule after the dead period will be LSU, Notre Dame and then Texas, LSU visit is still up in the air. It sounds like there are some people who are concerned with things happening inside the program.

– I continue to believe that Texas isn’t in a great spot with DaShaun White.

Chris Steele: 2019 CB, Chris Steele (Bellflower, CA) has emerged as one of the most highly coveted DBs in the country holding early offers from Oklahoma, Texas, USC, Alabama, LSU, Stanford and many others.

Steele has football in his genes, “My dad played football. He’s originally from Ohio but he played D end at New Mexico State so I’ve learned a lot from him and his experiences. But my mom was also someone who pushed me to play football”.

Despite his obvious talent, Steele was never certain he’d be recruited…until he was, “I always knew I had it in me to be recruited but you can’t know. I wouldn’t say I was expecting anything. I knew it was a possibility but I guess I wasn’t expecting it”. Still, fairly early on his high school career Steele picked up his first offer from Washington State and as he puts it, “about a month after that Washington State offer, it blew up”.

However, earlier in the recruiting process, Steele was primarily a west coast recruit until Corey Raymond from LSU found out about him, “I started my sophomore year on varsity and that doesn’t usually happen at my school. When I got the LSU offer everything took off nationally. At first people saw me as a west coast guy but after that LSU offer, that changed”.

Texas Enters the Picture…

So how did the relationship between Steele and Texas begin?

Steele tells me, “I was talking to Bryan Carrington and a lot of people thought I was leaning towards Oklahoma but I told him that I was really interested in Texas so he put me in touch with coach Washington. Coach Washington asked me what my favorite day of the week was. I said, ‘Friday’. So, he hit me up on Friday and offered”.

Steele says that the Sooners along with Texas and Alabama are the out of state schools recruiting him the hardest. Steele says he talks to coach Washington quite a bit but what stood out to me was something Steele’s father told me, “A coach doesn’t have to recruit me. It’s my sons decision. But if I were a coach I would want to get to know the parents…J Washington is one of the few guys who is in touch me regularly”. Steele’s father mentioned USC as another school who communicates with him quite a bit.

While, Steele has the big SEC offers he sees the Big 12 as a good fit for a cornerback, “The SEC is one of the best conferences. People say it’s the best. But you’re going to be tackling big running backs all the time. What will that do to your body? Big 12 football is a passing conference and that’ll showcase my cover ability.”

The Skinny…

Steele says he definitely plans on visiting Texas. I think this one is going to be a battle between USC, Oklahoma, Texas and Alabama. That isn’t to say other schools aren’t in the mix but those appear to be the schools leading the way at the moment.

Additionally, it does not sound like Steele will drag this recruitment out. Chris is an early enrollee and per his father, he’d like to be done with the process before he goes into his senior season. In fact, a narrowed down list could be coming soon though I suspect they already have a good sense of the schools.


Chris competes in one of the toughest leagues in California. He covers guys like Amon Ra St. Brown, a wide receiver viewed by many as the best in the 2018 class. So what you’re seeing on film is him competing against a lot of talented wide receivers. Chris has great feet in shuffle and backpedal. There’s also a play on the film below where he’s in off coverage and the WRs gives him a quick stab outside, just enough to get Chris to come out of his cocked position and then the WR goes inside. Chris effortlessly drives his hips back in the direction of the wide receiver and makes a play on the ball.

I’d like to see him take a more direct path out of his breaks and be a little more aggressive with his down hill step. Perhaps the thing that stands out the most about Chris is his technique. He looks more college ready to play in terms of technique than most high school DBs. Most cornerbacks at this age don’t mirror a receiver well…they can’t flatten them on a release. Cornerbacks at the high school simply open up and run with a receiver. Then they get to college and figure out…that doesn’t work as well. Chris, however, stays square forces the receiver to widen. That’s typically a sign of a) someone who knows how to play the position and b) someone who actually trusts their speed – when you know you have recovery speed you don’t worry as much about the prospect of getting stacked on the turn.

I also like the fact that Chris is a sharp guy. Transitioning to college is as much about your ability to learn the playbook as it is about your physical gifts. Chris is a good student (Stanford offer says, hello!) but he also has that edge you need when you play cornerback. I loved something he said on the phone…

I’m planning to head out to California at some point this year so I’m hoping to see Steele live. On film, I like what I see.

NaNa Osafo-Mensah: Texas finally gave out the offer to OLB NaNa Osafo-Mensah from Nolan Catholic out of Fort Worth, Texas.

NaNa is a long, quick, and powerful presence on the edge. He was recently asked to put his hand in the dirt to attack the QB, and has looked good doing so over the past year. If he were to come to Texas he’s been told he’d likely be asked to play B-Backer; however, he has a frame that could carry weight well to play DE. Texas needs a player like this.

Luckily for Texas, the Longhorns will be needing DE’s and LB’s in the 2019 class, but they were a little late to the party. I was assured that this won’t negatively affect Texas, but NaNa is currently has a very good relationship with the Aggies’ coach Terry Price and was being recruited by Elko at Notre Dame. LSU and OU have been hard on NaNa for the past few months and solidified great relationships.

I spoke with a source close to NaNa where I was told that this was an offer that NaNa has been waiting for, and the Longhorns coaches have been waiting for him to put his hand in the ground. NaNa will be narrowing down his list in the near future. I believe the Longhorns will make the cut, but for now the Aggies and LSU will be the teams to beat here. – (Will Baizer)

Demarvin Leal: Schools like Alabama and Georgia recruit body types. You can find athletic defensive linemen but finding the true 6’4/6’5 long guys that’ll be a 300 lb force wearing down an offensive line is tough. Demarvin Leal looks like he’s going to be one of those guys. Of all the defensive linemen in the state, Leal may be the most important one to keep in Texas.

Leal dropped his top five and Texas made the cut.

I’m set to speak with Leal this weekend. I can tell you that based on what I’ve been told, he’s at the top of the Texas defensive line board in 2019 and, in my opinion, for good reason.


Dylan Wright: Texas extends an offer out to West Mesquite’s 4-Star WR Dylan Wright.

The state is once again loaded with talent at WR (as it usually is). – (Will Baizer)

Super K put together a report on Dylan earlier this month. If you missed it, here is the breakdown:

Wright is a 6’5 200 lb wide receiver who has the hips to set the defensive back up and the acceleration to run by him. I tend to be a bit skeptical of bigger receivers. Size is great but it often comes with limited bend and there’s a lot of surface area to press at the line of scrimmage. Wright doesn’t feel like one of those guys. He said people call him “little Julio” after Julio Jones and the praise isn’t without merit.

If you watch Wright on film, you’ll like what you see. But you’ll like it even more when you find out that this was his first year playing wide receiver. Before transferring to West Mesquite, Wright was a quarterback at Ennis. He works hard and he picks things up fast. He even plays AAU basketball, “I could easily put forty on the score board but that’s never been me. Even if I got a lay up I’ll pass the ball out for a three.”

Coach Mehringer and coach Herman have obviously taken a liking to Wright. I suspect they see what everyone should see, perhaps the most untapped potential of any wide receiver in the state. “Coach Herman and coach Mehringer came by to visit (earlier this month)…They said, ‘we’re going to offer you before New Years’. I know the coaches at Texas are cool. Coach Mehringer said, ‘we are going to offer you soon'”.

Wright currently holds offers from schools like TCU, Oregon, Nebraska and others. But, I think as word gets out, Wright is going to end up having a massive offer sheet. And, as he goes into spring ball, don’t be surprised if he unseats some of the higher rated wide receivers in the state.