Open Post | Wednesday, February 21st

April 21st at 6:30PM. This is the first Spring Game I can remember that will be a night time event.

I’m personally a big fan of it to avoid the potential heat and get the fans rowdier.

Junior Day Wrap-Up

There were a few major events taking place at Texas’ Jr day that they ran the recruits through. One of them was positional film breakdowns where the recruits got to experience film room with their positional coaches and understand the schemes Texas runs. Here the players also got to talk to the coaches as they explained what they look for in recruits and how they go about their business.

Another one was the “Hook’Em Life” portion where they showed the workouts, the games, and the brotherhood of Texas football. The recruits got to speak to the current players and early enrollees whilst the parents got to talk to the parents of current players parents. They also showed them the Longhorn Legends program which is specifically put in place to help players find a job and get into the career they choose after their football career is over.

Of course, there was the part where the player had a photo shoot with the Texas gear and the coaches showed the players around the facilities like the field, the locker room, and the brand-new weight room.

There were a few things that almost everybody talked about coming out of Moncrief. The first was how the coaching staff treated the players. A lot of teams that do these big Jr. Days sometimes tend to not pay enough individual attention, thus seeming insincere.

Like the locker room was the selling point last season, the weight room was the big thing this year. Players came out of Moncrief absolutely blown away by it. Unfortunately, there was not the big OL presence they were hoping for, but every OL coming out of the building raved about Herb Hand.

Overall, the Junior Day helped Texas regain control of some momentum and turn a few key recruiting battles in their favor.

Saturday Major Targets

2019 LB DeGabriel Floyd – Westlake Village (Westlake Village, CA)

Arguably one of Texas’ biggest targets on campus was the California LB DeGabriel Floyd. After missing on a Rover in the 2018 class, Floyd would be that guy to fill the position in 2019.

Floyd came out saying that he “…actually didn’t have many questions because they answered everything I wanted to know.” So, Texas did its job in that department.

The next part was making him feel comfortable in Texas. This starts with the coaching staff.

“Coach Orlando and I have a great relationship. He wants me to play… Rover. When we went over the schemes and told me the job of the Rover, I was really interested. Everything just went well.”

But, realistically, where does Texas stand with a kid from California who is also being courted by USC and UCLA?

“They’re really high… Like… I can’t even describe. Just the atmosphere of me coming down here, and I have family down here… It just felt like I was at home… I didn’t think it was going to be this crazy.”

Floyd spent the rest of Saturday night hanging out with Ayodele Adeoye and Cameron Rising. If you want out of state talent coming to Texas, that’s how you do it.

2020 RB Zach Evans –  North Shore (Houston, TX)

Zach Evans is the top RB in state. He is Texas’ top target in a class loaded with RBs and for good reason. He has now visited Austin twice in two weeks and is feeling the love.

Difference between two weeks

“We got into the film room and broke down how I can perfect my craft.”

Favorite part of day

“Film. Film and talking to the coaches. I feel like what’s going to be big in my recruiting process is that I have to be able to bond with the coach and the team.”

On feeling post Texas trip

“Texas has definitely separated themselves. I now know that in the future process they’re going to be able to keep it real with me”

On Drayton

“He can produce good running backs… I feel like that will play a huge part in it because the option is the league. I’m trying to go to the league.”

2019 DE Marcus Stripling – Mayde Creek (Houston, TX)

Stripling is one of the top DE’s in the state of Texas. This is his second Jr. Day at Texas, so all of this was old hat.

But he still very much enjoyed his time here saying, “It was a great visit. High hopes for Texas. Just a good place to be.”

Stripling enjoyed being able to sit down with Oscar Giles and draw up plays and Giles has an excellent relationship built here.

This one will be a race.

2020 CB Dwight McGlothern – New Caney (Houston, TX)

Dwight McGlothern came out of Moncrief absolutely blown away. Of all the guys, he had the biggest smile on his face with stars in his eyes. It’s fair to say Texas made, and impression on him.

On day

“It was great. Texas is great. It’s great in Austin, period. They have a great community. I liked everything about it down here: the coaches, the staff, the facilities, the stadium. I love everything. Even how the coaches were sitting down and talking to me about how everything goes with the defensive backs and how they play their sets.”

“It seems like they made an impression on you.”

“Ooooh, yes sir. Big time. It was great. I’m happy that I came up here.”

What stood out

“The weight room. How the coaches took me in like they knew me for years. I just feel comfortable with them more than almost any other coaches. They talked to me about business, which is what I want to major in (finance). It’s top 3, I think.”

2019 DL DeMarvin Leal –  Judson (San Antonio, TX)

Texas’ top target at DL, DeMarvin Leal, attended as well and spoke to me smiling ear to ear. As K has stated, Texas really helped themselves in this recruitment over the weekend. Texas wants him at the 4i position, which is a difficult position to find guys. If they got him, that’d be phenomenal.

Favorite Part

“My favorite part was, honestly, seeing the weight room. Just seeing how they have the weight room all set up. It’s a lot different than other places I have been. You don’t have to back up and it’s all right there. It’s all controllable.”

What stood out

“Honestly, just the way the coaches talked to you. How they care about the student athletes.”

On decision timeline

“It’s probably going to be in August or somewhat later.”

2019 QB Roschon Johnson – Port Neches-Groves (Port Neches, TX)

The lone commit of the 2019 class QB Roschon Johnson made his way down. The previous week he spent throwing the ball with Elijah Higgins and Garrett Wilson trying to sell them on joining him at Texas. Here he focused on being another recruiter amongst all the 2018 class that showed up.

Johnson wants to make sure to follow up the success of the 2018 class with similar success in his class, “I really want to draw everybody around me in my class, and I’m in the best position to do that… With the 2018 class we got, I feel like the 2019 class is going to be a special class as well and vital for this program.”

Roschon told me he was focusing on recruiting DeMarvin Leal and DeGabriel Floyd whilst he was in Austin.

2019 OT Stacey Wilkins – Fairview (Camden, AR)

The OT from Arkansas, Stacey Wilkins, left Texas with an offer and impressed. It seems the Herb Hand effect is already in play here as Wilkins and his father both noted that Herb Hand is “…the best offensive line coach in the country,” multiple times.

After getting the offer, Texas is now amongst teams like Oklahoma, Arkansas, and TCU. It will be difficult to pull him out of Arkansas, but since he’s from California originally it should hopefully be easier than most.


Sunday Major Targets

While Sunday wasn’t as big as Saturday, name-wise, there were still quite a few big names that showed up. The only down side of the day was the absence of two of Texas’ biggest targets at OT in Tyler Johnson and Javonne Shepard who had visited Norman, Oklahoma the day before.

Despite that, everyone who exited Moncrief was blown away.

2019 WR Garrett Wilson – Lake Travis (Austin, TX)

The top WR in the state for 2019 is Lake Travis’ Garrett Wilson. After heading to Oklahoma the day before, Wilson and his parents made their way to the University of Texas. This was the first time his parents had been to Texas and met Tom Herman. Wilson has been to Texas enough to know what they are all about, so he’s focused on getting his parents involved.

“It was the first time my parents got to meet them, so I feel like they came out knowing a lot more than they did before and are a lot fonder of this whole program… They liked it. I know they did.”

Wilson was the last guy to come out of the Moncrief doors after an extended one-on-one session with Coach Herman. Herman stressed to Wilson about, “Keeping Texas in Texas. They feel that if they do that they’ll be a top-notch program like they were before. I feel like he started that for this 2018 class, and he’s trying to do the same for the 2019 class.”

Now that Corby Meekins coaches WRs, he’s becoming more of a staple in the Wilson recruitment, “I saw him a lot more today. It was the first time I had really seen him like that. He’s a really good dude. He’s a funny dude. I liked him a lot.”

Roschon Johnson has been really working on Wilson throughout this recruitment, and threw with Wilson and Elijah Higgins last week. Johnson is constantly in the ear of Wilson, even texting him “Boooo!” when he saw Wilson throw the horns down during his OU trip.

Wilson plans on visiting Ohio State March 23rd. While Texas did really press Wilson, it seems it’s a three-horse race between Texas, Oklahoma (who added themselves into the mix this weekend), and Ohio State.

2019 RB Deondrick Glass – Katy (Katy, TX)

As I stated in the RB Big Board, Katy constantly puts out top rated recruits every year. Deondrick Glass is no exception.

Glass got one-on-one time with Stan Drayton and Tom Herman after everybody else left where Stan Drayton “…guarantees that if I come to the University of Texas, nothing is final. Every single day he’s going to give me an opportunity to start… It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman going against a senior, if you’re better, you’re going to play.”

Glass, like many others, was impressed with how the Texas coaches held themselves, “What stood out to me is how the coaches interact with the players and the things they’re working to do with the University of Texas.”

Texas helped separate themselves Sunday as Glass told me, “They’re up there. Reasons being they’re close to home and also have people like Kyle Porter and Moro Ojomo (to guys from Katy who Glass is friends with).”

2019 WR Elijah Higgins – Bowie (Austin, TX)

Austin’s very own Elijah Higgins was able to make the trip in to Texas after coming back from visiting Louisiana and LSU. Higgins has been blowing up recently, grabbing 19 offers in the past month.  Elijah came away from the day pretty excited about Texas and what was going on. Despite having been there four times in the past few month, he said, “It was a totally new experience than what I’m used to. I got to talk to all the coaches and they all knew my name… It really opened my eyes to be able to get in there and see everything.”

Elijah grew up in Austin, so this trip was different for him, “It’s amazing… I told my dad when we pulled up that this is a way different feeling than any other school we’ve been to so far. I’ve been to games before because this is where I grew up. It’s a great feeling to know that you’re wanted in your own city.”

He and Garrett Wilson are also becoming fast friends, playing for the same 7on7 team and working out together. Elijah wants to continue playing with Garrett at the next level, “He and I are talking about trying to stick together, and hopefully staying in Austin.”

One important prospect of Higgins’ recruitment will be the academic side. Stanford has recently offered, and drawn a lot of his attention. Texas had to follow that up with their very own academic presentation: “It looked really good. One of the things I’m looking for in a school is the sports medicine program. They are ranked number 2 in that, so it really opened my eyes. Really, really grabbed my attention”

As I said above, Elijah got to throw around with Roschon Johnson when he came in to Austin last week. Roschon told the two why he committed and how they should all stick together.

I believe Texas really took a huge step ahead in this recruitment and will be talking to his family later this week.

2019 DB Erick Young – Fort Bend Bush (Richmond, TX)

Young, is a big bodied guy from Fort Bend Bush. In fact, I think he’ll be turned into a safety when he makes it to college. This is how Texas views Young as well. Young was able to talk to Tom Herman afterwards where Herman told him that he could see playing him anywhere on the field.

Erick seemed to have had his expectations surpassed during the trip simply stating, “I loved it. It was better than I expected… They’re a top school for sure.”

Young’s top schools will be coming soon. Expect Texas to make that list. He then plans to make his commitment near the end of summer or in the season. He’ll take an official visit to Oregon in the spring and take the rest of his official visits in the fall.

2019 DB Jamal Morris – Fort Bend Bush (Richmond, TX)

Jamal Morris was another 2019 DB from Fort Bend Bush that made the trip to Austin. And much like Erick Young, Morris had his expectations surpassed by Texas, “I loved the trip overall. When I came here I knew to expect ‘Texas,’ but I didn’t expect all the love and support that the coaches showed. That was a very special moment, with us coming back from Norman.”

It doesn’t appear that most 2019 DB’s are being scared off by the loaded 2018 DB class. Morris is no exception, explaining, “Every where you go there is going to be competitions… I know that Texas statistically is DBU.”

Morris has a relationship with Coach Naivar going back to Naivar’s time at UofH. Morris recognized this and let us know, “He didn’t fall off one bit when he came to Texas… He keeps it real. He’s that crazy white guy.”

Morris says one thing that he found on his visit to Texas that he didn’t elsewhere was honestly, “They broke down everything from rosters, other schools rosters… some stuff that I didn’t even know about when I went to other schools.”

While Jamal is one of Texas’ top targets, Texas would probably be happier with another safety. Still, they went a long was in winning him over.

2020 DB Darius Snow – Hebron (Plano, TX)

Darius Snow is a big bodied enforcer in the secondary. Darius left Moncrief and immediately told me, “My interest has gotten higher, and my experience was beyond amazing.”

One of the biggest factors in Darius’ decision will be how early he can see the field. Where Texas sold Darius in the regard was their six-DB package. Playing with the six DB means that, “…if I go there I could get on the field quicker than most other schools. That’s something that’s really big to me.”

2019 WR Jaylen Ellis – Cedar Ridge (Austin, TX)

Jaylen Ellis is from right outside of Austin. Despite this, Ellis doesn’t currently have an offer from Texas and is actually committed to Baylor; however, after talking to the staff he feels he’s close to an offer, “They said they are really close to it. They just need to put my tape in front of Tom Herman’s face to get me that offer.”

I asked how it compared to his Baylor trip. He seemed pretty torn between the prospects of attending either school, “Two big places where if I could stay anywhere in Texas, it would be either one of [Baylor or Texas]. Baylor I have a lot of love for. UT I love because it is around all my family and it’s Texas.”

Watch Out

Texas also brought in quite a few players who are under the radar, but could receive an offer quite soon. This is a list of guys who made it to Texas and are ones to watch out for as recruiting heats up for them.

2019 DE Shemar Pearl – Plano West (Plano, TX)

Shemar Pearl was given the golf cart treatment (basically the red carpet). Shemar has a good relationship with Oscar Giles, but should he come to Texas, he would be playing the B-Backer position. The staff will continue to evaluate Pearl, as they told him, “they like to offer real slow.”

2019 DE Trace Ford – Santa Fe (Edmond, OK)

Ford just recently came on to the scene. He has one of the most sudden first steps you’ll come across. After he picked up offers from Memphis, Arkansas State, and Iowa State, Trace made his way down to Austin to visit Austin.

The day before Trace had been in Norman attending Oklahoma’s Jr. Day, but told me that his experience at Texas was “…One of the best ones yet. The scenery was beautiful, the town is great, and the food was amazing.”

Trace is a guy to keep an eye on. If he breaks out his senior year, he’ll be one of the most coveted players between NSD1 and NSD2.

2019 TE Logan Compton – IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL)

The TE originally from Houston, Texas, made his way back home Saturday to visit the in-state school. Logan obviously has a love for the University of Texas that he made expressly clear, “It was amazing. I was blown away by everything. I’ve been here many times before, but I got in-depth details about the program, their equipment, their weight room, and their tank.” Logan was an especially big fan of the tank, “The tank is where you eat all your food, and I love food.”

Logan did not get an offer from Texas but was assured that the staff would be making their way to Florida in the Spring to evaluate his game.

2020 RB Seth McGowan – Poteet (Mesquite, TX)

Personally, I’m a big fan of Seth’s abilities. At 5’11” and 195, McGowan is built well and contains tremendous power (he’s the brink of breaking Malik Jefferson’s power cleaning record in high school). Add in the fact that he has a quick jump cut and good speed, the guy is hard to not notice.

Seth grew up a fan of the Oklahoma Sooners and currently holds an offer from them as well. It seems the Longhorns coaches knew this coming in and paid extra special attention to McGowan.

It worked.

Seth came away from the day with his expectations exceeded saying, “The day in general was phenomenal. My favorite part of the day had to be the one-on-one conversation as soon as I walked in the door.” Seth was the first player to show up, and this gave the staff the ability to really connect with him and his father, “Just sitting down and talking with Coach Drayton. We talked for a good half an hour to 45 minutes. Just one-on-one talking about aspirations, ambitions beyond football, and precautions and preparation to attain those goals… I felt like Coach Drayton, Coach Beck, and Coach Herman were being very genuine with me.”

I asked Zach how he knew they were being genuine, and he felt that, “The generic responses that they give a lot of players… Coach Drayton was talking about red flags that they see in recruiting such as being overly charismatic and restricting your conversations to just football…”

Drayton and McGowan have been in contact for quite a bit and we could see an offer come down the pipeline this Spring. Get him and Zach Evans and the 2020 class is an astounding success at RB.

2020 WR Troy Omeire

Troy is 6’3″ 209lbs with a wingspan of 72-74″ and hands almost a foot long. He’s a hard target to miss for any quarterback. Omeire hasn’t been able to travel to too many different camps, but every place he goes he picks up an offer or serious interest.

Not only is Troy an impressive specimen off the field, but he is a heck of an athlete on it. Troy has a smooth stride which makes him very fluid down the field, but also has quickness that is not often found in a guy of his size.

Troy is very even-keeled and not one to brag, so I’ll brag on him. His mother a wonderful lady born in Nigeria, traveled around the world, getting her college degree and masters in Belgium ended up settling Houston. There she is a night shift nurse but tells me she could not do it without her son who irons her clothes, wakes her up, and is very active around the house all on his own. Troy has tremendous work ethic and comes from a household that holds academics high. This will help him smooth out the kinks in his game, turning him into play maker at the next level.

Troy and his mother made it in to Texas on Sunday and came away saying simply, “It was amazing.” The two loved the feel of the players and coaches and how much attention they spent on them.

Texas is going to continue to evaluate Troy and see whether or not his purported 40-time of 4.6 is for real. We will see this Sunday. Troy is a guy to keep an eye on in 2020.

2020 WR Collin Sullivan – Round Rock (Round Rock, TX)

While Sullivan won’t burn you with his speed, but he is a strong wide receiver with strong hands. He’ll make catches in traffic and is a go to target down the field. Texas is very interested in his skill set and where he could be moved around the field.

Sullivan came away impressed with the level of help that the program provides to its student athletes and the sneak peaks into the lives of the current players, “My favorite part was talking about the everyday life of the player like Caden Sterns… Just the help they give you and being real and honest about what it is like being there.”

Texas is working on building a relationship with Collin whilst they evaluate his game. They have time to do so as well.

2021 WR Majik Rector

Majik may seem small coming in at 5’9″ 160lbs, but what if I told you the Lancaster product has made NFL players look foolish on the field? That’s because he has.

This guy is so well coached and trained at the WR position it’s difficult to guard him. While he doesn’t burn you with his speed or acceleration, he does run routes better than most upperclassmen and have very reliable hands. Majik recently grabbed his first D1 offer from Texas Tech.

Coach Mehringer really left an impression on Majik who told me, “He was real with us. We watched film. We watched how they went over stuff, how they played, what they use to get open, and the approaches they use.” And it seems the two are already creating a relationship as Coach Mehringer is from the Mansfield area and Majik being at Lancaster plays Mansfield teams quite often, “He’s from where I’m from and we can relate on that. He was a cool guy to talk to.”

2021 OT Hayden Conner – Taylor (Katy, TX)

Hayden Conner is a big 6’6″ 295lbs freshman out of Katy Taylor. The funny thing about Hayden is I had heard about him about this time last year when I was talking with the Katy Taylor coaches. They were telling me about this 8th grader coming in who was an absolute monster. It was funny when I put 2 and 2 together whilst I got to know him.

Hayden came into high school with an offer from Miami when Mark Richt saw him and was so impressed that he offered him there on the spot.

He also comes from a pedigree of high caliber football players. His father played NT at SHS, his Mom’s dad played DE at UH, his dad’s dad played NT at UTEP, his cousin is a MLB at Baylor, and his other cousin is a MLB at TCU.

Football is the family business. This is definitely shown on the film where he plays with an impressive motor, taking down guys 4 years his senior. Hayden has been hardened as well as he played against some of the best defensive linemen in the nation like Max Wright, Braedon Mowry, and Otito Ogbonnia on a daily basis and grew up going against Marcus Stripling and other greats.

This wasn’t Hayden’s first time at Texas as Texas has also been in contact with Hayden. He visited the Kansas game last season where Texas did a good job of giving him a sneak peak into the program and Derek Warehime left a great impression on him.

But with Herb Hand coming in, one thing Conner really wanted to do is get to know Herb Hand. Well when I asked him what his favorite part was he immediately stated, “Getting to know Coach Hand a lot more since he is new. I met him at Taylor when he came up just the other day. I was excited that I got to hang out with him and spend time with him.”

But what impressed him the most was Tom Herman’s core values, “Core values and how they want you succeed when you’re out of college.”

Of course, this recruitment is nowhere close to being over, but some of the big players in the recruitment are Miami, Texas A&M, Wisconsin, and Texas. He seems to have an affinity for the Big 10 and especially Wisconsin, which is why getting an offer from the Badgers was huge. However, if he were able to grab a Texas offer in the next three years, they would be among the top.


Arguably Texas’ top priority at WR in Lake Travis (TX) Garrett Wilson made his way over to Texas on Sunday for a visit. He was one of the recruits that got to spend one-on-one time with HC Tom Herman.

When I asked him how the visit went he told me “It was really good! I had seen UT enough to know what’s up so it was really for my parents more than me. And they really liked it.” Obviously it’s important for the parents to enjoy the visit, and I was told Wilson’s parents really liked how the Texas staff sold academics and life after football.

One thing Wilson said that the staff sold to him was “…really just that I need to be apart of getting UT back to its old ways and go to war with my state and stay home.” One thing we’ve noted about Wilson is that he isn’t from Texas. He was born in Columbus, Ohio but has lived in Austin for awhile. So when I asked if he has as much pride in possibly wanting to stay in Texas and play in the city he;s lived in for awhile he told me “that would be cool and all, but I’m gonna do what’s best for me when it comes to choosing a college. Not really just what’s best for the city.”

One other factor in this recruitment could be one of Wilson’s close friends, Austin Bowie (TX) WR Elijah Higgins. Wilson told me, “we were together the whole day! He’s the man” when I asked about him and Higgins. He also told me that him and Higgins have “for sure” talked about playing together in college. And remember that Will noted yesterday that Higgins let it slip that he might’ve already been recruiting Wilson to Texas on the visit. So that’s something to note…

Garrett Wilson is an elite WR recruit, and the fact that he’s in Austin makes him that much more important for Texas to keep home. Right now they’re in a good spot with him, but Ohio State and Oklahoma are the main schools to watch along with Texas as of right now.


Texas missed the cut for an elite WR prospect, Arjei Henderson.

Texas has now missed the cuts for Henderson , Theo Wease, and Marquez Beason.

All of them are elite in-state prospects and all plan to make an early decision. While it is not good that Texas is out of the races this early on, Tom Herman and Co. have prioritized other WRs than Henderson and Wease. Namely Jordan Whittington, Garrett Wilson, and Dylan Wright.

The only one that hurts a little bit is Marquez Beason; however, that is not unexpected. With Brian Williams headed to A&M, the 2018 DB haul, and a few other factors the chances with Beason dropped tremendously.

I have talked about this before on the site, but I’ll reiterate that it is very early on. At this time last year Texas had 1 commit and that was Justin Watkins. Texas did not look to be leading in any race they eventually won. It wasn’t until March, April, or May that things began to pick up. Even then it may take longer.