Open Post | Monday, February 12th

Was out at a couple of the 7v7 events this weekend. A few thoughts… (Super K)

*Bobby Wolfe has much better feet than I anticipated. I described a little of what I saw in the tweet below. Texas did offer but Wolfe recently committed to Texas A&M. We’ll see if that changes. Bobby did say that he still plans on taking visits, including to Texas. I’ll check on whether he will be at next weekend’s Texas jr day.

*2019 CB Marcus Banks was someone I was wanting to see in person. He moves in small space better than I expected. He turns, stops, starts, etc. better than I anticipated. The thing I’m still trying to figure out is how much power he has on his turn. I saw the receiver stack him on a turn a couple times but he recovered well. He’s a harder prospect to evaluate as a true man corner because so much of his film is zone. I’ll try to see him again…hopefully when it’s not so cold.

*Elijah Higgins is a massive wide receiver. He’s a solid 6’2 and he’s powerfully built. He has length but is also a broad shouldered guy with a rounded muscle structure. Looks like a SEC linebacker. He had one of the best catches of the day…perhaps the best. Two defenders around him and he went up and took the ball. Strong hands. They played him in the slot. Would’ve liked to have seen him outside.

He said he won’t be able to attend this weekend’s jr day. He will be out of town.

*I saw Marquez Beason at the event today but really wasn’t able to get a good look at him as a cover guy. He played some safety. Beason said he won’t be at the Texas jr day either. He will be visiting the University of Florida. Beason says he will drop a top 5 soon. I would imagine Texas will be in it.

*Same situation with Kris Steele. I didn’t get to see enough of him to really offer thoughts. I will say that he is bigger than I expected. He’s a solid 6’0 and broad shouldered.

*The guy I really liked was 2019 LB, Marcel Brooks. Everyone is playing 7v7 and Brooks was dang near playing football. Brooks is a 6’2 LB that put so much power into the ground when he runs. He eats space up. Extremely long. He plays with an edge. He could be a real problem at the next level.

*2019 ATH, Tamauzia Brown (Newton) still has a learning curve when it comes to playing offense but man, that is a twitchy athlete. He can accelerate. He can jump. He has that twitch that can’t be taught. Once he learns how to use it, he could be dangerous. Will grabbed a clip of him outrunning folks…

– Also, ICYMI, 2019 star CB, Derek Stingley Jr. (Baton Rouge, LA) dropped his top 10 and Texas made the cut. No surprise there…

Stingley has actually visited Texas before and plans to again. I spoke with Stingley not too long ago. Just need to look over my notes and get a note up about his recruitment to get you all acquainted with him.

Sorry for the relatively empty OP today. With the coaches on vacation not much is happening. We plan on having a lot more content up this week on the donor board.