Open Post | Monday, February 19th

As you all know, the Texas Jr. Days was this past weekend. Texas did a phenomenal job in reclaiming the momentum in some of its biggest races, as you will see below.


– 2019 OT, Stacey Wilkins (Camden, AR) made his way down to Texas for a visit and left with an offer…

 Most Arkansas kids end up at the University of Arkansas but in the case of Wilkins, he did not grow up a Razorback fan. He’s originally from California. – (Super K)

– 2019 WR Dylan Wright just left. He came a little late so stayed a little later with coach Herman… – (Baizer)

– 2020 star CB, Dwight McGlothern loved the visit…

Spoke with Dwight and I’ll have more from him later but it sounds like Texas is the team to beat… – (Baizer)

– Texas made a big move with 2020 RB, Zachary Evans

Evans said about the visit, “it was good. Actually, better than last time.” He also told us that “Texas has definitely separated themselves.” – (Baizer)

– I was told Texas blew DeMarvin Leal away.  Texas definitely got the sense that they impressed Leal and between texts with Leal and his mom, I’d have to agree… – (Super K)

– We were told that Texas made a strong impression on 2019 star LB, Marcel Brooks. Sounds like the Horns were able to really sit down and have a heart to heart with Brooks. We hope to have more with him later. – (Super K)

– Texas extended their first in-state 2019 TE offer to Baylor Cupp (Brock High School)…

Brock is overjoyed by the offer telling me, “It feels amazing, it’s a huge blessing!” I think Texas is now the team to beat here.  – (Baizer)

– Not surprising to hear but two guys other than DL DeMarvin Leal who’s getting some red carpet treatment from the Texas staff is West Mesquite (TX) WR Dylan Wright and Westlake (CA) OLB De’Gabriel Floyd. – (Baizer)

– I spoke with 2019 WR Dylan Wright who was in Austin yesterday for the jr day. Things went well.

Truth be told, going into the visit, Wright wasn’t particularly high on Texas, “I’ve been to a couple camps there and at the last camp I thought I was going to get offered but I didn’t…it came later but I thought it was going to be sooner than that”. The fact that it took months for the offer to come didn’t help the Horns.

But whatever issues Wright had have been removed, “I liked it. It was up there with the A&M visit. Honestly, Texas was more lit though.”

Wright had never had a chance to do a true Texas visit with the tour and all. The coaches made him a priority, “I talked to everybody, coach Herman, coach Drew. They showed me the wide receiver list and I was top of the list. They told me, you got an opportunity to come in and play right away”

Coach Mehringer and Dylan, it seems, are building a pretty strong bond. And even though Wright and his family arrived late, the staff stayed late and it gave Wright even more time to bond, “Me and coach Drew sat there and talked for like an hour and thirty minutes. We talked about everything and we went through film. They showed me how they’re going to put me in a lot of one on one situations”.

Interestingly, Wright has some family ties on the staff, “My dad’s cousin works there. He’s on the defensive side. So it was just all family there. My whole family liked it…they (Texas staff) said I can come whenever I want”.

Wright will return to Texas soon…

“I’m going to go back to watch a practice in the spring”.

Upcoming Visits and Timeline

Wright and his family are set to visit Arkansas next weekend. He says he will have other visits to come. Among the schools he’s considering visiting are Oregon, Alabama, and Ohio State. Dylan said those schools are “showing me a lot of love”.

I know Wright recently picked up a Tennessee offer from the new staff. He has been to Knoxville before and in previous conversations he’s mentioned his interest in them. So, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him visit there as well.

I asked Dylan what kind of commitment timeline he is looking at and and he said he wants to announce at the Under Armour Game.

We’ll see if that timeline holds up.  – (Super K)


– 2019 TX DBs, Erick Young and Jamal Morris made the trip to Texas together. Erick said he was blown away and that the visit surpassed his expectations. Don’t expect a decision from Young anytime soon. K will be speaking with Jamal later. – (Baizer)

– This is interesting. Marcus Banks was set to announce his decision on March 3rd but has just informed me that he will no longer do so, “change of plans. I need more time so I’m not going to commit quite yet.”

If I had to guess, he may have been leaning towards TAMU and the Texas visit changed things up. Per Will, Banks mother made it very clear that they love Texas. – (Super K)

– Texas will be tough to beat for Elijah Higgins. Higgins kind of let it slip that he’s already recruiting a bit for Texas. Said he’d like for him and Garrett to both stay in Austin. – (Baizer)

– A little bad news…2019 OL Javonne Shepard and 2019 OL Tyler Johnson didnt make it. Was told that Johnson caught the flu. – (Baizer)

– Katy RB, Deondrick Glass had a great visit. The family absolutely love Stan Drayton. (Baizer)

– Will spoke with Garrett Wilson after his visit but I just wanted to note that via text he let me know that things between Texas and OU right now are pretty even in that there are some things that favor Texas and some things that favor OU. He has an Ohio State visit coming up in March. That one will be big. Right now it’s looking like a three horse race. – (Super K)