Open Post | Monday, February 26th

Kenyatta Watson: As you all know by now, 2019 defensive back, Kenyatta Watson (Loganville, GA) was in Austin this weekend for his first visit to UT.

Going into the visit, Watson had narrowed his choices down to USC, Texas, Notre Dame, and Tennessee. But that list has gotten smaller.

I spoke with Watson’s father and it sounds like things couldn’t have gone any better.

“It was amazing. It was genuine. We spent time with coach Hermand and his wife. We spent time with coach Washington…we sat with coach Herman and his wife for two hours having a real conversation. Just genuine conversation. He talked about his family and I talked about my family”.

This “genuine” connection is important to Watson Sr. He’s played the game. He is a former Boston College football player. His wife is a former Boston college basketball player. They know how recruiting works, “Coaches lie, even if they don’t mean it. I want to to entrust him (Kenyatta) to someone I trust…but we have things we’re looking for”

What are they looking for? Among other things, “We’re looking for brands and networks. I want him to be in program that’ll give him endless opportunities when he’s done”.

Kenyatta is a 6’2 cornerback. So, while the family wants to give him the best opportunity to be successful after football. Football matters too and Texas signed a number of defensive backs in the 2018 cycle. That doesn’t seem to bother the family though. They know that Texas will graduate guys this upcoming year. Additionally, Watson Sr said, “At this level you’re going to have to compete regardless. But we believe in his size, speed and explosion”.

Watson Sr. is impressed with what coach Washington has done in terms of development in his career, “I like the fact that coach Washington has developed more guys [than other position coaches around the country] even though he hasn’t had the highest rated recruits”.

If there is a concern as it relates to Texas, it’s that Kenyatta isn’t from Texas, “My only concern is ‘Texas politics’ since we’re not from Texas. But at the same time I see that they’ve had success with out of state guys when you look at Ricky Williams and others”

Kenyatta, his mother and father all took the visit and they received the full tour, “We were the only ones there. They took us around campus, toured the facilities, met with the academic advisers. We went around the city. He loved the city vibe. He likes that artsy vibe. He wouldn’t make it in small town. He likes museums.”

Interesting note is that despite not having Texas ties, Watson Sr. noted that he was surprised to find out that Kenyatta already knew a lot of the current Texas players, “I guess they’ve been talking on social media but it surprised me how many of those guys he already knew”.

Decision Timeline

Watson will take a trip to USC this upcoming weekend. But truth be told, Watson Sr. said, after that visit Kenyatta wasn’t as eager to get out to California.

In fact, Watson Sr. says they feel like things are really narrowed down to Texas and Notre Dame. Both schools are obviously know for their alumni network and brand names.

The family will take an official visit to Notre Dame on April 13th through the 15th. They will then take an official visit to Texas on April 27th through the 29th.

A decision will come almost immediately after as Watson Sr says, “We want to be done before May 1st”. – (Super K)


Makiya Tongue: This past weekend, we reported on the Donor board that Texas would host 2019 LB/WR, Makiya Tongue (Baton Rouge, LA).

Tongue did make it in for the visit.

Makiya plays both linebacker and wide receiver and tells me that Texas offered him as an athlete.

We will have a full update on Makiya’s visit later this week. – (Super K)

– Texas 2019 DB target, Demani Richardson made the return trip to TAMU this weekend. We noted earlier this week that the visit was expected. Richardson did commit this weekend.

Though he grew up a Texas fan, Demani was a bit put off by the fact that the offer took longer than expected. He camped twice at Texas this past summer but the offer didn’t till this past December.

Richardson was supposed to visit Texas for his first red carpet type tour this past weekend but it didn’t materialize. I can tell you that coach Fisher has been recruiting Richardson himself. He’s been in communication with Demani’s father.

I do believe this one isn’t over yet. But Texas needs to finally get Demani and the family on campus. – (Super K)

Houston Opening: I’ll have a complete update from the Houston Opening but for now I wanted to get a few quick-hitters up to wet your whistle.

*Spoke with Kenyon Green, one of the top 2019 OL in the region. He said that he plans to visit Texas sometime in the next few weeks.

*Another top offensive linemen, in Javonne Shepard also plans to be in Texas sometime in the next few weeks. He was expected to be in town last week for the jr day but didn’t make it in.

*Marcus Banks says he will take a return visit to Texas this spring, likely for a spring practice or the spring game and perhaps for both. This one appears to be a Texas vs. TAMU battle.

*It’s still early for 2020 DB, Dwight McGlothern but I really like where Texas is with him. McGlothern holds a number of offers but the recent visit to Texas really opened his eyes to UT.

*2020 RB, Zachary Evans is a man among boys. This is another Texas vs. Texas A&M battle. Still early here as well but I’d put my hypo in for Texas. – (Will)

Corien Azema: I’ve been watching some film on a few guys that visited Texas for the most recent Junior Day. One guy that stood is is Langham Creek (TX) S Corien Azema. I caught up with him to talk about the visit.

I should that while Azema may not be that well known to Texas fans he already holds offers from programs like Nebraska and Michigan State, among others.

When I first watched Corien Azema’s film, it reminded me of the first time I watched 2018 S Leon O’Neal’s film. He jumps off the screen. He might not have the elite speed and coverage ability to run step for step with every wide receiver, but he will hit you. At 5’10 180 he doesn’t have overwhelming size, but he’s just a tough football player.

Azema said about his visit to Texas, “It was amazing. The best college visit I’ve been on so far. The coaches and the weight room were amazing and really stood out.”

The word “family” was mentioned by Azema a lot in our conversation. He also raved about assistant DB coach, Michael Huff. Azema felt Huff is someone who is going to do a great job molding the young DBs in Austin.

In the 2018 class Texas landed an elite group of defensive backs.

Some of their top targets in the 2019 class are beginning to look elsewhere, which is to be expected after landing such a highly touted class. Brian Williams and Demani Richardson are already committed to Texas A&M. Texas didn’t make the cut for Marquez Beason.

Texas will continue to recruit the aforementioned players but they’ll also recruit talented guys like Azema who may not be as highly publicized. – (Andrew)