Open Post | Monday, February 5th

Texas signed 19 players during the early signing period. They currently have five commits with additional targets. So, let’s take a look at them:

– Joshua Moore announced his commitment on Sunday afternoon. We expect him to sign with Texas.

– Keondre Coburn: I know some of you are concerned about Coburn removing his Texas commit information from his twitter bio. I remain confident that Coburn will sign with Texas. I would surmise that the question marks surrounding Coburn’s status is by design…building a little anticipation for his signing.

– Keontay Ingram: TAMU made a heck of a run…even got Ingram on campus a couple weeks ago. Fisher worked hard here but I still expect TAMU to fall short.

– Last month, Michael Williams announced his commitment to Texas.We expect him to sign with Texas.

– Also, last month, Daniel Carson announced his commitment to Texas. Nebraska made a run here but ultimately Carson signs with Texas.

– Moro Ojomo: Ojomo took visit this past week, including a Oregon trip this past weekend. Going into this past week, Ojomo was down to Texas and OU with Texas holding a bit of an edge. His recent trip to Oregon made an impression but it doesn’t like it will be enough.

Ojomo will announce on Tuesday and we believe Texas continues to hold an edge here.

– Joseph Ossai: Ossai also took a visit to Oregon this past weekend and said in a text that the Oregon trip did cause him to rethink some things. It, apparently, went very well. Texas remains a tough team to beat though.

Ossai will announce on signing day.

– Christian Jones and Andrew Parker: These were the two weekend official visitors. It’s hard to imagine Jones ending up anywhere other than Texas. We haven’t spoken to him since his visit but he passed up going to Vanderbilt and last week he passed up a scheduled visit to UCLA. He visited Texas. Again, hard to see this one going in any other direction.

Andrew on the other hand is a bit more of a question mark. He is committed to Arkansas. He previously told me that if he was going to make a change it would likely happen on Sunday after the visit. So, the fact that it didn’t makes me wonder if it will. But it’s very possible that he’s changed his mind and decided to wait. I’ll check with him on that tomorrow.

– Tommy Bush: On Sunday, Bush made a last minute visit to Texas. Interestingly, he told me that he had actually called coach Herman on Friday and told him that he would not be visiting Texas and had decided, instead, to go ahead and visit Baylor. It sounded like he had decided to part ways. So, the fact that he and his family made that last minute trip to Texas seems very telling to me.

Bush will announce on Wednesday. I checked in with Bush after his visit. So, I’ll have a little more on this later. I wouldn’t bet many Brainiac Bucks on it but, again, the fact that Tommy made that final trip to Texas…gives me the sense that Texas has always been that team in his heart.

– Lawrence Keys: Keys is also set to announce on signing day. He will decide between Texas and Notre Dame. I don’t have a great sense of this one. I’ll be checking on it tomorrow. Texas had a lot of ground to make it up. Notre Dame had a long standing relationship with Keys.

– Texas has continued to recruit Vernon Jackson but I’m told Alabama missed out on a target and still has a spot for Jackson. If Jackson doesn’t end up staying with Bama then he’s likely headed to TAMU. If I hear different over the next day or two, I’ll let y’all know. But, as of now, I think Texas is a bit behind here. – (Super K)

Joshua Moore and the Shhh: Yesterday’s commitment from Joshua Moore accounts for last week’s February 1st “Shhh”…

– Also of interest (and, quite frankly, hilarious) was this tweet by Carrington…

Based on what I’ve heard from various folks on the TAMU side, this likely has to do with TAMU trying very hard to flip guys like Coburn and Ingram…which, again, we don’t believe is happening. – (Super K)

2019 Visitors In-Town: After the Team Texas Elite trip to Texas A&M a couple weekend’s ago, the Aggies picked up a commitment from 2019 DB, Brian Williams (Bishop Dunne). They also got a lot of the 2019 class talking among themselves about the prospect of playing together at TAMU. TAMU picked up a couple additional 2019 commits this weekend.

So, needless to say, it was good to see Texas get some 2019 prospects on campus.

*I checked in with the father of Texas QB commit, Roschon Johnson, who tells me that they weren’t be able to make the trip. They had a banquet to attend this evening. It would’ve been nice to have Johnson there with the other guys but Johnson will be at Texas in a couple weeks.

*Garrett Wilson did make it in.

*Jordan Whittington also made it in.

*Also, as Andrew noted, 2019 safety, Jalen Catalon (Mansfield) was in town. Catalon is right up there with the top safety prospects in the region. Excellent eyes. As I scout safeties, I note when the a DB should react and compare it to when they do react. Athletic guys can mask a poor read at the high school level. It’s much more difficult at the college level. Catalon reacts when he should.

*Alex confirmed that former OU 2019 DB commit, Jeffrey Carter (Aledo) would be in Austin on Saturday and Carter did make it. This is one to watch. We don’t know if Carter is interested in making a quick decision but as Alex has noted, his father did say they are Texas fans.

*Also in this weekend for a return visit was 2019 DL, Marcus Hicks (Wichita, KS).

*Perhaps the biggest visit of the weekend both literally and figuratively was from Rice LT, Calvin Anderson