Press Conference Highlights | NSD #2

Herman stepped up to the mic after closing the book on the a historical 2018 class. He landed the highest rated DB haul, sured up his front 8, and addressed every need the team has. He started off by thanking the teachers and staff who took time to help during official visit, holding a thank you dinner for them last night, current members of the team and their parents, and the signees themselves.


– Tom Herman said that he may or may not be calling plays in 2018, stating, “it’s to be determined.” Says the determining factor will be whether he thinks it will allow Texas the best chance to win. He wants to give Tim Beck a chance to reestablish himself seeing that last year the odds were stacked against him roster wise.

– Herman is ready for Sam Ehlinger to be an upperclassman already. Herman has sat down with Ehlinger telling him that Sam needs to get to the position where his teammates trust him and that starts by not turning the ball over. Says when the speed of the game slows down, “the crowd noise goes away and you can start to pay attention to situations.”

– Tom Herman reaffirms his pledge that when they say “offer,” they mean the guy can say yes on the spot. It seems that this staff takes pride in being picky as Herman proudly noted that they handed out the 5th fewest offers in the nation.

– A few weeks ago we reported that Reggie Hemphill-Mapps would be transferring. Today Tom Herman confirmed that report.

– Texas took quite a big class and had room for more. Tom Herman Herman thanked Derek Change who when it became apparent that the class would be small last year, came up with plan to get up to potentially 31 signees.

– Tom Herman called Bryan Carrington “the best in the country” at his role. Herman told us that the reason Bryan Carrington does such a phenomenal job as a recruiter is that, “Bryan does a fantastic job connecting with players. He’s young, has a similar background to most of them, and he’s passionate about the University of Texas.” Says due to this connection he’s able to establish is adds a lot of validity to the things the rest of the staff is saying.

– With the stud filled defensive recruiting class Tom Herman expects, “A lot of competition… We can see that that side of the ball just got real.” He was felt he solidified the DL with the signees in the second period calling Coburn and Ojomo the best DTs in the state, and expects the DBs to make an impact, “Today.”

– Herman expects Josh Moore to be a slot receiver.

– Herman recognizes how great of a coach Jimbo Fisher and said the in-state competition in recruiting “…better make you better or you’re in the wrong place.” Says the will go out of state after they have evaluated all options in Texas and feel they can get a player who can help them more out of Texas.

– Herman realizes that consistently mediocre to sub-mediocre years will bite you in the butt, but recruiting classes can be top continue to be top end, “Kids know what Texas is and what it can be.”

– Tom Herman was asked how many national championship-caliber classes you need to compete in the national championship: “I don’t want to put a timetable on it, but you need multiple years. It’s a players game.”

– Herman appears to be a fan of the new National Signing DayS. Herman feels that although, “It becomes a feeding frenzy, especially in a thin position… I liked it. As difficult as it was… I think the dividends were that the maintenance on those guys in January was non-existent.”

– Says the biggest impact will be felt in 2019 with the Spring official visits where he expects visits almost 12 days in a row. Expects that to wear on the players and staff.

– With today being over, so ends the 2018 class… Hello 2019 cycle. Tom Herman won’t be getting any days off. As he put it, “Recruiting is like shaving. If you don’t do it for a couple days off, you wake up looking like crap.”