Fakester Tim & Jimbo Twitter

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’ve been having fun with Tim Brewster schadenfreude. It’s fun. If you’re not on social media, allow me to take you down this college football rabbit hole to peruse Tim Brewster tweets and the eventual memes resulting from Aggies Twitter. Now, you won’t see me tweet a whole lot about Aggies or Sooners for that matter, even though only one has ever really mattered to Texas fans. You see, I can’t help myself, the past lives in me. Nevertheless, I thought it a good opportunity to examine the ‘tao of Tim’, the coach I now refer to as ‘Fakester Tim’.

The following tweet is what started it for me. The leader in the state of Texas is who? Unbeknownst to Tim, it wasn’t shark week. Yet, he still jumped it. They may not allow mammalian performances at Sea World anymore, but maybe one of you can put a call in for Fakester Tim. Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s a part of me that appreciates certain aspects of Tim’s Twitter game. Part of using social media well is getting noticed and trolling is one way to do it. Tim executes with hyperbole and what’s referred to by some influencers as ‘wrongness’. To make a long story short, it works. It’s important to understand that it doesn’t matter if Texas fans find it ridiculous, foolish, or off-putting. What matters is that it attracts attention and brings the program and the message into someone’s view, to grapple with and internalize. This is the magic of memes, the literal variety.

Moving on, next Fakester sunshine pumps the ‘SEC SEC SEC’, because after all, the hype is undeniable and for the most part, SEC advocates can boast while also enjoying enough echoing opinions to create consensus, social proof, if you will. Fakester was dragged on Twitter about this particular tweet because during his time in Tallahassee, you know, where all the Aggie greats played (we’ll get there), he boasted about the ACC being the best conference. You can’t fault a coach for playing to his new base, regardless of how disingenuous it might all seem. Hell, that’s part of college coaching, I’d argue.

Then this, Tim ruffles all the right feathers with this tweet. You know some farm critters were shown a good time after this one. This is great use of hyperbole and visualization. The leagues are worlds apart and you’re crazy to think otherwise, totally! Again, I appreciate Tim. In fact, I wish he were spewing this kind of hyperbolic bullshit for Texas. Twitter wasn’t around when Tim was at Texas. If his tweets are indicative of his selling style, you can easily imagine him communicating to would be Texas recruits in a similar manner, talking a little trash about the terrible institutions to the north and east of Austin. I digress.

While the tweets above caused some stir, what came next from the Aggies program made for some great laughs. After paying Jimbo $100,000,000 (you’re reading that right), why not tout his past accomplishments at a program far more successful than the Texas A&M program over the last few decades. To say Jimbo made a ‘lateral move’ would be generous and one with a fairly steep grade. At first glance, you don’t think much about this ‘edit’. After all, Fisher recruited a lot of (under-performing) talent to Florida State. On the other hand many asked, why not promote the Aggies past more, wait… I forgot, we’re only talking about nothing but real facts, y’all. Get some truth!

If that wasn’t enough, a former FSU ‘Fisher DB’ took it upon himself to set the record straight, none other than Jalen Ramsey. Then, the real fun began. Jalen could’ve burnt down The Wall with that fire he spat in Tim Brewster’s direction. That’s a lot of shade, almost as much shade as Texas’ shadow in College Station, ouch. I don’t blame Jimbo or Tim, or whoever put together the edit, but why not promote Aggies of old, the Wrecking Crew. While I’m no Aggie or fan, there’s enough wool on that sheep, right?

By far my favorite of all the Twitter ‘clap back’, users all over began trolling the Aggies program for using Florida State to recruit to the greatest stage. You never know, the Ags may even sign Leon Sandcastle, that ought to do it. It is unfortunate that Aggie recruits must visualize being Seminoles players first before deciding to commit to Texas A&M.

Y’all can enjoy that last few, but more hits keep coming. You gotta love everything about this one. Sandcastle, the Seminole mounted, Bobby, so majestic. With any luck, TAMU will have an apparel scandal or better yet, get Ole’ Ball Coach to trash talk them some. You must admit, if Spurrier were to way in, that’d be pretty damn great.

The following SI cover is well done. Who are these brilliant people?

Last but not least, Fakester Tim’s fake parody account weighed in! You know you’re good when you have a parody account. It’s like someone cloning yourself for you, double the work, double the ass-hattery! I’m going to go out on a limb and say, Famous Jameis approves. Would you be surprised to see Jameis on campus in The Station at some point? We shall see.

I like Tim Brewster. I wish he were coaching on Mastermind Tom’s staff. Oh, the shit people would talking about Texas right now. One can dream. For now, he’s an Aggie and Aggies do as Aggies do. You simply can’t rub off state and national perception that easy. The Aggies staff has its work cut out. Recruiting Texas is as competitive as ever. Tim’s making the most of his Twitter fingers to find ways to improve visibility and to get into recruits’ heads. I can dig that. Also note, the Texas staff isn’t sitting idly by, standing this Twitter beef out. None other than newcomer, Herb Hand has taken it upon himself to clap back at Fakester Tim. Long story short, this is going to be fun!